Land of the Free

…because of the brave.

    By Jared Jenkins

    In war, there are lives risked and lives taken.
    Men and women giving their best to defend what they love.
    They defend their country.
    Their honor.
    Their people.

    Some call them soldiers.
    Others call them heroes.

    Our veterans have risked their lives for us.
    They have lived through hell and fought with honor,
    Many have killed,
    And regret doing so…

    For every life, there is a soul.
    For every soul, there is a life.
    For those who have died, we show great appreciation and remembrance.
    For those who live, along with them live the horrific memories of battle.
    Some, memories of defeat.
    Some, memories of victory.

    Our veterans were more than soldiers…
    They were, and still are heroes

Just a post of appreciation for our veterans as we honor them today.

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