The Secret Garden

We found it.

In the middle of nowhere.

And it only took an hour to arrive.

Clark Gardens – located in Weatherford, Texas.

The gardens gave me my first glimpse of fall.

It is beautiful.

I saw yellows, reds, and oranges on the drive – not vibrant – but just a hint of autumn color.

A hint of fall.

The beautiful part of this secret garden tucked away off a country dirt road?

It holds its secret inside.

The secret? A unique season; one that shows a burst of fall, and one that is vibrantly blooming spring and summer.

I’d like to think there is magic that holds it all together, but I’ll let you decide.

I spot a few butterflies fluttering among the grounds in the 74 degree temp. I, also, spot a bee.

Hard, hard at work.

I wonder if winter will ever set in at this place, or if it will be an eternal spring?

I, almost, don’t want to know….Shhhh….

8 thoughts on “The Secret Garden

  1. Wow–those orange trees are AMAZING. What are they?

    Also: what did you use to make the collages? I want to start doing a bit more with my photos than just visit them on my harddrive every few months!


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