Stalking Made Easy

By an app. An app called Find My Friends.

Because really? Only friends let other friends spy….. right?


Here is how it works…

You download the app, and your friends download the app. You then invite them to spy share locations.

Then, you can view them on a map.


And watch their every move.

Because, as long as the phone is on and there is service. It displays the location.

It’s really cool and hi-tech.

If I want to know if Sydney is home from school, I look at my app.

If I want to know if Jason is still at work? I check my app.

It takes two seconds and I don’t have to wait for someone to tell me where they are. I know. Genius.

It, especially, works if Jason goes out of town. I can see when he is headed home – just by checking the app. No surprising this girl!

But what happens when a good app goes bad?

I’ve heard many stories. Man catches wife cheating…… you get the idea.

But what if it’s wrong?

Sydney and Jason pulled me up one night to see if I was headed home. I wasn’t. I was still at work.

However…the app had other ideas. It showed me – to both of them – go from the parking garage to the apartments across the street. What???? I’ve never been there in my life.

One day we got more proof, I went to Walgreens. Sydney wasn’t home, but got home while I was gone. She checked her app. It showed me at a Church.

Then, tonight, when we were all together……it showed Sydney across the freeway from us. She was across the table.

So, I think I figured it out. It’s stalker-proof. It randomly throws off your exact location – just in case. I know, riiight??

I’m sure all my stalker friends are hanging their heads in despair.

Better luck next app. This one just doesn’t cut it. It goes on too many joy rides ….way too often….or does it?

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