Little Arthur & The Gang

As the youngest of four, I was the baby of the family. I had to move fast to keep up with my brothers and sister, if I didn’t, I might get left behind (actually that happened at a grocery store).

We were country kids that played in the fields, and walked a mile to the quickie mart. Mom demanded respect, manners, and kindness to animals, but most of all – don’t ever embarrass her.

I had to endure nicknames as a child. I think Brat was my first one, but my second, Little Arthur. It kinda stuck. Don’t ask, I have no idea.

My brothers christened me with that name when we were out in the yard playing fumble football. You know….the game where whoever grabs the ball gets tackled? Yeah, I never had the ball. If I did……I fumbled. Heh.

My sister is the oldest- back row. My oldest brother is on the left, and then my other brother on the other end. His daughter stands next to him. And Mom in the middle.

Mom – mother of four kids about 9 years apart. She had us all in her twenties. Phew! I get tired just thinking about that.

This picture was taken last month during a visit to Oklahoma. It was the first time we have all been together in a year (and last year was only because of my wedding).

It’s really hard to get everyone in the same town, which is why we don’t have many pictures as adults.

My sister lives in Houston. I’m in Dallas. One brother is in Tulsa, and the other is the only sibling that stayed in our hometown. We all work full-time and have kids to keep up with.

I had to capture this rare gathering for my mom. Unfortunately, I forgot my tripod. The camera was a little helter skelter on the picnic table – just barely hanging on.

But we got it.

From left to right – Jay, Little Arthur, Mom, Deedy, Laney, and Lonnie.

I see this picture and I wonder how long before we are all together again……

I see my brother’s gray hairs and wonder when that happened…..

The years pile on………….

And I think…………….how does times go by so fast?

I am heading to Oklahoma on Sunday for quick day visit with my mom. It always make me a little nostalgic.

Do you see your siblings very often?

5 thoughts on “Little Arthur & The Gang

  1. Good for you, getting everyone together. I know how hard it is. The last time my Mom, Dad, brother, sister and I were together was a year ago October. I’m in Arizona, the rest are in California although spread from southern to mid state.


  2. You have a beautiful family. I remember that game, only we called it “Smear the Queer”–the queer being the one with the football. I do remember having the football-a lot. Heh.

    As for my sibling, I don’t see him often enough, though we live in the same town. We both have busy lives. (and we don’t make much effort to surprise the other with a visit).


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