Family Fun

The beach got rained out.

But that’s okay, because we had fun blended family style.

See, my sister remarried, and has two step-daughters (like me). And we went to her husband’s mom and dad’s house (married 52 yrs tomorrow) for a fried shrimp lunch (south Texas style).

It was outstanding.

Even better, meeting my sister’s in-laws and their children. It was fun looking at all their pictures from when they were kids. Roger is 48 and his parents still live in the same house he grew up in. How cool is that?

My sister’s oldest step-daughter Chelsea is handicap. She was on a breathing tube the first 16 months of life. It was very touch and go with her affliction, but here she is today 18yrs old – a true miracle.

She can’t speak because of her trach, but communicates with signs and noises. On the inside, she is a forever an 8 yr old child, and that makes her incredibly unique.

We have a lot of fun playing ….mostly writing lists to Santa Claus. Except she can’t write, so I write what she tells me too. Ha.

However, my phone was a big hit with her today. Even though her hands are crippled, she was able to use the touch screen to take pictures. I was impressed!




I love this kid! She cracks me up.

At our shrimp lunch, one of the kids found a tiny lizard.


He held it on his hand without it jumping off. I swear this kid is a master. He said he once caught a hummingbird. Wow!

The night ended with the girls putting up my sister’s nativity set. The played merchants, shepherds, and wise men.



It’s a great set they have collected for years.

I got lots of photos with my other camera (way better photos).

Tomorrow, we may hit the beach before heading home if the weather isn’t too bad.

Already, this trip is way too short.

Why are holidays like that?

16 thoughts on “Family Fun

    1. She really liked the phone and the camera. We turned the camera around to see herself, then she used both hands together to hold and hit the camera button.

      This camera takes a lot of photos with one Chelsea click. Lol.


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