The Only Child Syndrome

Sydney came along when I was about 22 years old. She was planned and I was happy to see her little red face when she was born.

I really thought I would have more. I wanted more. But that just wasn’t God’s plan.

So instead of blessing Sydney with siblings, she became an only child.

And truly, it has been great. She became very independent and responsible at a young age.

I’ve told you before she doesn’t get into trouble. She was a little hyper for a few years of grade school. That was probably the hardest time I had with her. But she calmed down with ADHD medicine. Then, she grew out of that. Thank goodness!

Now, Sydney has two half-brothers, and two step-sisters.

According to Wikipedia. Because her half-siblings and step-siblings came along to late in her life (her fist half-brother was born when she was 12).

Technically, she is still an only child.

And that is fine with me, I know I gave her undivided attention, and care. Keeping up with one is pretty easy. I figured this out when my step-daughters came along.

Only children don’t have playmates, but I don’t think Sydney was lonely. She just hung out with all the adults. She seems very adjusted, not bratty, or bossy (as some stereotypes suggest of only children).

When she became a sister, I was VERY happy for her to finally have a brother. Then, the lucky devil got to take on two step-sisters. Everyone knows, a girl’s gotta have sisters. Then her second brother was born to her step-mom this summer.

Exciting stuff! From none to four.

She doesn’t see her brothers very often (they live in Mississippi), but her sisters certainly let her experience what it’s like not to be an only child.

She gets to argue, share the bathroom, mimic, sing, and play games with them. They may be far apart in age, but it’s not really much different from normal siblings.

Even down to the tattling……


This makes me laugh, not just for the content (her icons are hilarious), but what it represents: the fact that Sydney really knows what it’s like to be a big sister.

It was pretty dark in the living room (I think). Maybe, she was just chewing her fingernail?

The important thing to remember is big sister is always watching.

13 thoughts on “The Only Child Syndrome

  1. That text was fabulous! I have four older siblings, but the age difference is substantial. My sibs were 20, 19, 16, and 8 when I was born. I wonder what the birth-order gurus would have to say about that.


  2. Ok…how do you get the cool icons!!?!?! I’m feeling left out!

    I come from a large family, but only have one real sister! Two half sisters and two half brothers make up 6 of us in total! It gets confusing at times to other people, and would have been WAY worse had my sister and brother actually dated (she’s dad’s, and he’s mom’s) but that fizzled before anything happened…whew! lol


  3. Haha love this post! I’m an only child and have always, always wanted siblings. We only children are awesome 🙂 Sydney seems like an awesome older sis—I feel like you and Jason have mastered blended family land 🙂


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