Remembering Dad

Two years ago, I lost my Dad.

It was unexpected. He was only sixty-three years old.

I am not one to question the timing of anything. I know there is a time and a season for everything…even our loved ones – as hard as that is.

I don’t want to be sad (there have been a few tears). I just want to commemorate his life, and the time I had with him.

I found this poem online, and it couldn’t be more perfect.

    A Perfect World
    by Ron Tranmer ©

    In a perfect world,
    death would never be.
    Love would be forever,
    and last eternally.

    In a perfect world,
    you’d still be by our side,
    lighting up our happy lives.
    You never would have died.

    In a perfect world,
    sadness would not be found.
    Love and life, and happiness
    forever would abound.

    Dad's OU blanket and Christmas fern.

    Perhaps that perfect world
    awaits us when we die.
    A world where eternal bliss
    is found in heaven’s sky.

    We’ll cling to faith and hope,
    for God is a God of love,
    and in His time we’ll join you
    in a perfect world above.

I miss laughing with you Dad. I can’t believe two years have passed. I think of you often, and know you are in my heart always.

“What the heart has once known, it shall never forget.” — Author unknown

14 thoughts on “Remembering Dad

  1. You made me cry!!! Beautiful!!! I know I’ll miss my dad when the time comes, but pray that’s not for another 20 years!! His mom lived til she was almost 101…he can do it!! Enjoy your memories!

    Oh, and I have NO clue where those icons are hiding…I checked settings…


  2. We are what are parents are. I know that the person I am today,is because of my Dad. Just the way Peggy speaks of you,the person that you are , I know that your father was a great and wonderful person.You are a great mother and even a better human being. I know that you miss him daily. Know that he would be proud of his daughter and all that you are,should only bring a smile to face. What a great post!


  3. Peace to you.
    I too lost my dad, Dec. 18th. Six years ago. He was 58. Like you I wonder why. But, just as you have done with your beautiful words I try to honor his life and cherish all I had with him. Even today, I know he’s not here with me but I know he is in spirit.

    Thank you for sharing.
    God Bless.


  4. Angelia…you look like your Dad! What a wonderful tribute to an obviously great man!

    It’s funny…until I lost my Dad I never really understood what it was like. I mean, I felt bad for others who’d lost their Dads, but now it’s like I’ve joined the club or something.



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