My Holiday Cheer Needs a Brighter Bulb

This is the time of the year, I panic.

Not only do I have zero Christmas gifts, but I have zero ideas.

Then there is the sheer exhaustion from working until six in the evening ,taking the commute home, and eating dinner. By the time I could go out, it’s later, colder, and darker. I don’t wanna.


On the weekends, I have more time. BUT, there are more crowds. Me + crowds = run, run far away.

Then there is the alternative. Surfing the web. I’m no good at shopping online. There are just too many choices.

And this whole vicious circle leads me to be depressed.

I get depressed, and all the sudden, I don’t like anything about myself. The way I look, what I write, the photos I take, my decisions, my actions…..etc, etc, etc. The list is long, and it’s ugly.

It is sooo silly. I know this.

And I am missing the whole point of Christmas, and the incredible gift that it is. The holy, and the beautiful.

Which makes me MORE depressed, because well, I must be a bad person to get depressed at Christmas.


So I stop the madness, and I appreciate the small things.

My amazing husband put up the Christmas tree. It is in a spot that I love because I can see the lights reflecting in every glass I walk by. From the living room to the kitchen to the back door to the front door – little twinkling lights in every window surface.

I love that.

He, also, hung with care our engagement ornament my sister made us. It has the date we got engaged.

What happy memories it brings….of our engagement….of our moment.

December 18, 2009

Every ornament tells a story.

I love that.

And I do love Christmas.

I just need to drop the stress, stop the worry, and embrace the love that surrounds us.

A little brighter bulb won’t hurt either.

How do you handle the holidays?

12 thoughts on “My Holiday Cheer Needs a Brighter Bulb

  1. Man I’ll tell ya, I love Christmas. I love the shopping, the trees, decorating, the lights, the whole shebang, but I’m also glad its only once a year. I’m glad you are finding your Christmas spirit finally.


  2. Its so easy to get caught up in the traditions… I’m looking this year at what we have to do and what would be nice to do and dropping what I don’t have to do. Hoping you find more and more lightness to Christmas


  3. With all the things stuff – it makes the season such a chore. Savings bonds for grand kids, cash for children. I find that I appreciate baked goods to receive as a gift. Home made of course. I LOVE fruitcake too. Am I the only one?


  4. I understand the being tired-not going out on weekends, totally get it! It’s easy to become down this time of year. Just bask in those good thoughts and relax. That bulb will perk up in no time : )


  5. I tend to feel the same way about myself around the holidays. I get excited about the holidays, and then I just start to feel blah. I’m hoping baking Christmas cookies will help and not frustrate me if they turn out wrong. I hope you light up soon!


  6. I’m so sorry you are so stressed out. It should be the thought that counts and not what you buy for other people that makes them happy. You could do a nice picture frame for people with a picture you have taken of them or a “certificate” for a future photo session and then you only have to worry about getting the frames and printing out an IOU! See? Shopping all done!


  7. I love that your ornaments are special and meaningful. Your tree looks beautiful.

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling down these days and I don’t think that feeling overwhelmed at this time of year makes you a bad person at all. Shopping without ideas is hard! I get overwhelmed by the extremely busy malls at Christmas and I’ve started buying more and more presents online (and it’s a lot easier with a toddler). Do you have any time off before Christmas to look around?


  8. It’s hard sometimes when you get down during the Christmas season. Everyone expects you to be happy which only makes that feeling of depression 10x’s worse.
    I hope that it gets better.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff like gifts…gift cards are a woman who procrastinates best dream.


  9. I get overwhelmed too. I feel like I am I have never decorated enough and have no traditions for my kids. It really should be fun and not stressful.

    I love online shopping! No crowds for me either!

    I am glad you are feeling better!


  10. You are not alone. I haven’t started my shopping either. I feel like there is no time for anything. The Holidays are so stressful if I had my way, I would abolish material gift giving and make it a rule that we spend quality time with friends and family giving the gift of ourselves and our talents. Spending time baking, decorating, laughing, family dinners, movies, and make holiday toasts around the fireplace and Christmas tree.


  11. YAY JASON! So happy he put up the tree. And it sounds perfect.

    I shop primarily online because I have Amazon Prime (a gift from a friend) so that is free and FAST shipping. So that limits my choices just a wee bit. I have opted to avoid the people. It works for me. Then it is ALMOST like Christmas for me throughout the month because I get packages! It doesn’t matter that they aren’t truly for ME, I just love to get packages and open the boxes and squeal with delight at the gifts I get to give. It is really fun.

    You’ll figure it out. You always do.


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