Photos of the Week: Blast from the Christmas Past

Last year’s photo shoot – Christmas 2010.

The girls were 16, 6, and 4 years of age.

This is why all my descriptions say, three girls, and three dogs (the dogs are girls too).

Poor Jason.

My favorite part of these photos are the expressions on the dogs.

I can see the whites of a furry eyeball in every photo.

And I believe Anna (on the right) is literally being held by Sydney. She wasn’t too crazy about her jammies.

Salem has this same look when Bridget is pinning bows on her ears – like….mom…help…

Hope you liked a little taste of last year. We were a newly blended family. I don’t think you can tell much difference between us and a regular one.

Isn’t it fun to remember?

11 thoughts on “Photos of the Week: Blast from the Christmas Past

  1. Great pictures! We were all dressed in superhero t-shirts and capes for our Christmas card this year. At least, we were in some of the pictures. The Wife vetoed the actual use of them in the card. BOO!


  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies! I believe I remember these pictures from last year, or at least some that were similar. Even though this year was sort of crazy, (for both of us!) it really was a good year. There was a lot of happiness mixed in with the insane moments! Love the pics, once again.


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