Last Minute Shopper

That’s me and what I’m doing tonight.

Because? Christmas is two days away.

And? I have done zero shopping.

Did I ever mention I intensely dislike shopping?

I do. But I don’t mention it often, mainly because, girls are supposed to like shopping. I guess I’m different. Go figure.

So instead of a regular post, you get a “I’m busy shopping post.”

But I do have pics, because I always have my camera phone – an iPhone 4S that I loooves.

So this? Is my Christmas week straight from my photo library. Enjoy!

Tripping over goodies at the Blue Bonnet Bakery.






And shopping.



At least Jason looks happy. Looks is the key word here. He dislikes shopping as well. Two procrastinators should not marry. It makes Christmas a real challenge. Sorry kids!

And we are done…..for now anyway. Is it ever really done?

Anyone else shopping last minute?

13 thoughts on “Last Minute Shopper

  1. *waves* I am a girl and I hate shopping, too! If I could afford it, I would just have everything delivered so I wouldn’t have to set foot in any stores.

    Gorgeous pictures!!!


  2. I hear you! I am last minute every year and every year I say next year will be different! Nope, same old story this year. I’m still loving all the Christmas craziness though. Having children definitely helps you find that Christmas magic again!
    Merry Christmas!


  3. suzicate

    Ha, the marriage of two procrastinators usually means one gets guilted in to doing most everything…in my case, it’s me! Not that he puts any guilt on me…he’s just clueless and the mothering instinct kicks in! Hope you and Jason accomplish all you set out to do…and at least there are plenty of goodies around you to much on in case you get famished in the process! Merry Christmas!


  4. You’re still farther ahead than I am – I sent my fiance on some errands (and by “errands” I mean purchasing gifts for the rest of the family, since his sons are the only ones whose gifts are ready!) so I could sneak out and pick up his gift, but then I realized he’s in the same area I’m driving to, so I’m trying to guess which roads he’s taking so I can avoid him. 🙂


  5. Rach @ This Italian Family

    I’m glad you survived! Last minute shopping would terrify me! Normally I’m mostly done by the first weekend in December, haha!


  6. I am not a last minute shopper. I even try to buy gifts throughout the year to help spread the cost over a longer period of time. But I do not buy for a lot of people. Most of the kids in our lives have a Christmas Tradition that does not include gifts, they get cash.

    For me, someone gave me Amazon Prime so I save A LOT of money shopping online. That is one of the best gifts I have ever received — Amazon Prime, free shipping and delivers in two days — BEST THING EVER!

    I don’t enjoy crowds and stores and the stress of last minute. I was just taking relaxing deep breaths and being so happy I am done and pretty much stress free . . . . except for the cooking. 🙂

    Looks like you did great and the girls will be super happy!


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