Christmas Day 2011

The long-awaited Christmas finally arrived.

The first part of the day was pretty low-key. We didn’t get the little girls until noon (they have been with their mom all week). And Sydney is still in Mississippi.

Our house energy totally changed when they came flying through the door. We opened presents. They played and then Jason and the girls went to his Mom’s house to do some baking.

I got over there a little later. I was just exhausted and felt like I was coming down with something. Hopefully, whatever it is, just goes away. So far, I just feel tired, and maybe that is all it is. Extreme fatigue (can anyone relate???).

But I did take pictures, and wanted to post a few before I hit the hay (early!).

Anna Pup. Waiting for Christmas.
The tree finally has presents under it. We loaded up the bottom of the tree Christmas Eve after I wrapped them.
Bridget happy to open presents. This is Christmas #2 for her. Kids of divorce have the MOST Christmases.
For fun, we tag presents from the animals. Molly opened socks from Anna and had to give her a thank-you hug.
The dogs open presents too. Anna got a new blanket. Brownie got a stocking full of pink dog toys. Salem got some rawhide bones to chew. She looks really excited doesn't she? Lol.
Salem must have shared her gift. Anna got a bone too.
One of the toy presents was a remote control Bratz doll car. Both the girls LOVED that (I think Jason did too- but don't tell anyone he was playing with dolls).
Making nut rolls with Grandma. Recipe coming soon!
My sweetie washing dishes. He is such a good son and wonderful husband. He won't leave Grandma's unless all the dishes are clean.
Molly and Bridget helped dry and put away dishes as well. They are good kids and always willing to help.

So that was our day in pictures, tomorrow we head to the Dallas Arboretum and then Christmas dinner (and MORE presents) at Grandma’s with all the family.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2011

  1. Hope you’re feeling better and more rested. 🙂

    The pictures are gorgeous–and regarding Jason’s “doll” situation, when guys play with them, I think they’re called “action figures.” 😉


  2. I hope you are feeling better.

    Great Christmas in pictures.

    We had our Christmas dinner last night. John’s boys spent the night. I cooked breakfast this morning. They left about 11:00 or so. We opened our gifts then watched a movie. It took us three or four hours because we stopped to feed yard animals, grab lunch, let the cat out in her new house, etc. It was a nice relaxing day.


  3. Merry Christmas my bloggy friend!! Sad to hear you’re suffering from something…I too have a head cold thing going on, so unpleasant!!! I’m all caught up on your blog now…took a few days break and haven’t really been on the pc much….but here I am now!! 🙂


  4. I hope whatever you had is already gone. It sucks being sick anytime but especially the holidays! The girls are so stinking cute (and the dogs too!) and tell Jason don’t feel bad. He wasn’t play with dolls…. just the dolls’ car! That makes it manly! It’s car stuff! LOL


  5. This how Christmas should be. Full of love, generosity and wonderful wishes for each other. Christmas is in our hearts and how we express them is what makes this event magical. Your daughter looked so happy and excited. My son had the same smile when he opened his presents. Just one priceless and treasured moment. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  6. Your girls are beauties! Christmas is so fun when you share it with people their size. And kudos to your husband for not leaving grandma’s until all the dishes are done. What a guy!


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