My Year in Photos Part Two

Yes, part two. husband thinks I already posted the year in photos (all of the year). But he would, sadly, be wrong. I posted Part One January through April.

Then yesterday, I posted a year in BLOG POSTS (with pictures). Ensue mass confusion.

But it wasn’t the rest of the year in photos – only blog posts with a photo and link. Really similar, but they are different.

And I am sorry for the confusion.

Now, that we are clear (right, honey?), on to PART TWO – May, June, July, and August – photos of the year.


I visited the Fort Worth Zoo (again) and a wildlife park in Glen Rose, Texas. Syd is really lucky that I, also, choose one of her birthday pics instead of more animals. I looooves the animals, but I loooves Sydney too. And we won’t talk about me crying a contact out of my eye picking a card for her birthday before being an adult, or why as I get older, I cry so much. Geez!

Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose, Texas.
Glen Rose Wildlife Park - Baby Cheetahs.
Sydney turns seventeen.


June was Bridget’s month. She graduated from Pre-K and turned five years old. She is the baby of the family (I was the baby of the family), I proclaim June Bridget month.

Pre-K Graduates.
Bridget's Fifth Birthday Bash at Chuck-E-Cheese.
I sent Bridget an Edible Arrangement for her birthday.


This was a coming home kind of month. Sydney came home from her month-long trip to Mississippi. The little girls came to stay at our house the entire month of July. They went from sleeping over four nights a month to about twenty-seven nights that month.

Sydney's beautiful face home from her summer trip.
Molly and Bridget - July 2011 - Sleepover party month.
Fireworks at the Ranger's Game.


Happy Birthday to me! The big 4-0. What did we do to celebrate? A whirlwind trip across southern California (my favorite place in the world!).

Polar Bear at the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego's Ocean Beach at Sunset.
Joshua Trees - Palm Springs, California

This has been a very blessed year, full of miracles, and wondrous sights.

Hope you are enjoying the look back as much as me.

In a few days, we will be in 2012. Wow!

One more photo post to go, and then it’s Jason’s Birthday…..yes, a New Year’s Eve Baby. Awww!

10 thoughts on “My Year in Photos Part Two

  1. Your summer sounds eventful! I really like Bridget month, sleepover month, and your birthday recollections. We have Edible Arrangements here too – I love their chocolate strawberries and the way they design their pineapple pieces into flowers.


  2. suzicate

    Ohhh, the sunset, the Joshua tree, the animals, the kids, and yes, the fireworks…your fabulous pictures are just one of the many reasons I love visiting your blog!


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