My Year in Photos Part Two

Yes, part two. husband thinks I already posted the year in photos (all of the year). But he would, sadly, be wrong. I posted Part One January through April.

Then yesterday, I posted a year in BLOG POSTS (with pictures). Ensue mass confusion.

But it wasn’t the rest of the year in photos – only blog posts with a photo and link. Really similar, but they are different.

And I am sorry for the confusion.

Now, that we are clear (right, honey?), on to PART TWO – May, June, July, and August – photos of the year.


I visited the Fort Worth Zoo (again) and a wildlife park in Glen Rose, Texas. Syd is really lucky that I, also, choose one of her birthday pics instead of more animals. I looooves the animals, but I loooves Sydney too. And we won’t talk about me crying a contact out of my eye picking a card for her birthday before being an adult, or why as I get older, I cry so much. Geez!

Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose, Texas.
Glen Rose Wildlife Park - Baby Cheetahs.
Sydney turns seventeen.


June was Bridget’s month. She graduated from Pre-K and turned five years old. She is the baby of the family (I was the baby of the family), I proclaim June Bridget month.

Pre-K Graduates.
Bridget's Fifth Birthday Bash at Chuck-E-Cheese.
I sent Bridget an Edible Arrangement for her birthday.


This was a coming home kind of month. Sydney came home from her month-long trip to Mississippi. The little girls came to stay at our house the entire month of July. They went from sleeping over four nights a month to about twenty-seven nights that month.

Sydney's beautiful face home from her summer trip.
Molly and Bridget - July 2011 - Sleepover party month.
Fireworks at the Ranger's Game.


Happy Birthday to me! The big 4-0. What did we do to celebrate? A whirlwind trip across southern California (my favorite place in the world!).

Polar Bear at the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego's Ocean Beach at Sunset.
Joshua Trees - Palm Springs, California

This has been a very blessed year, full of miracles, and wondrous sights.

Hope you are enjoying the look back as much as me.

In a few days, we will be in 2012. Wow!

One more photo post to go, and then it’s Jason’s Birthday…..yes, a New Year’s Eve Baby. Awww!

10 thoughts on “My Year in Photos Part Two

  1. Your summer sounds eventful! I really like Bridget month, sleepover month, and your birthday recollections. We have Edible Arrangements here too – I love their chocolate strawberries and the way they design their pineapple pieces into flowers.


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