The Last Gift of the Year

My husband is a New Year’s Eve baby. To me, that means he is the last gift of the year. The last present his mother received before the year turned a new number.

Personally, I think having a New Year’s Eve birthday when everyone is happy and celebrating would be fantastic.

He says, it’s not because they are not celebrating your birthday, but the end of the year.

Regardless, I am glad he was the last gift of the year. I think his present (and presence) is a true blessing.

And how cute is he?

Happy Birthday my love. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may everything bring you happiness this year and always.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. Be safe and enjoy the last few hours of the year.

10 thoughts on “The Last Gift of the Year

  1. Happy Birthday. My son will be 30. He was born 12:15 New Year’s Eve so that makes him a New Year’s Day baby. I am still mad at the doctor because if he would have taken him 16 minutes earlier I would have had the income tax deduction for 1981.


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