My New Year’s Day 2012

The day got off to a late start because we stayed up past midnight ringing in the New Year.

New Year’s Day, the entire family gathered at Mom’s to make Chow Mein (or Chop Suey as the recipe says). They called it Chow Mein. Anywhoo…..

I heard it’s better luck than black-eyed peas (I hope that’s true as I forgot to eat my peas!).

Mom (Jason’s Mom) loves to gather her boys in the kitchen. It’s just like old times. I think it’s the sweetest thing ever (and they are so lucky to be close and all in the same town).

Some of the can ingredients.

Meat & Onions.

There is LOTS of chopping (get it, chop suey, chop, chop!).

Chopped celery.

I am not a happy chopper. That is why I am really glad they chopped everything. I hack, I don’t chop. It’s not pretty.

Brandon opening cans.

Mom put Brandon to work opening cans. This was his first New Year’s with us. He was really happy Sydney came back from Mississippi. We have seen him every day since (and that’s okay, we LOVE Brandon!).

You place the noodles on the plate first.

Chow Mein ready for the cooking pot.

Add chow mein (or chop suey), and enjoy!

The final product. Our New Year's Day meal.

Sometimes, I really wish I loved to cook, because I think food blogs are awesome.

But I don’t. However……..I LOVE to take pictures of food.

So, that was my New Year’s Day (chop! chop!).

How was your first day of the New Year?

20 thoughts on “My New Year’s Day 2012

  1. The La Choy and other brand canned products for this are decent but so overcooked there is no crispness or crunchiness. And at just $8 a plate at the Chinese restaurant it doesn’t pay to make it at home-get take out. On the other hand, the food that tastes the best is made by ourselves. Ain’t no Italian restaurant that makes stuff that can compare to mine.


  2. I watched a cooking show on stir fry so I bought some stir fry veggies and bought some sweet and sour sauce and cut up chicken and stir fried it with the veggies and sauce. It tasted great. Your day sounds wonderful.


  3. I liked the hand printed recipe too! We always get Chow Mein when we get take-out – boy would that impress my husband if I made it myself! Although he would probably be asking were the fried apps were!


  4. Thank you for these wonderful pictures. They reminded me I need to eat. My stomach didn’t just growl as I scrolled down; it howled:~)

    Therefore, I’m quickly wishing a Happy New Year to you…and then I’m off for a very late lunch…or dinunch since it’s not brunch, but closer to dinner.

    May 2012 bring you everything you want and everything you need:~)


  5. You are really good at taking pictures. You did a great job by taking these pictures, rather than preparing the dish. It was a fun to read this post.
    Wish you a wonderful year ahead.


  6. Of course, I could be wrong, but it is my belief that it is DULL knives that cause people to be hackers. When a good quailty sharp knife is used it is almost impossible to hack! 🙂

    I also kinda think that people that don’t like to cook could possibly learn to like it and maybe even learn to love it if they have some really good quality equipment to cook with. Maybe. Not everyone loves to cook. I understand that. I was thinking it takes patience, and while that is true it must take a different KIND of patience because I have patience enough to chop but I don’t have patience enough to stare through a camera’s view finder to get a great shot—-and you do! So when we meet I’ll cook for you and you can take pictures, ok?


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