Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter in Texas? You bet! We get a snow day or two (although we exceeded our quota last year). In fact, we broke records (take that global warming).

Unfortunately, because of those records, I fear there will be no snow this year. A drought instead of our one or two per year (it happens).

But hey, it’s not so bad………I kinda like winter around here. Not to cold. Not to hot. Juuuust right.

    Photos taken, December 29th, 2011 at the Dallas Arboretum.

Sorry for so many “winter” photos. I, no lie, narrowed them down from sixty.

This crazy obsession of mine….

I will promise you this, if we get lucky enough to have another snow day, trust me, I will post the photos. Challenge or not.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. The Drama Mama

    my winter seems to be similar to yours this year, and we are used to the cold (its currently 25 degrees, so its a bit more normal). It was weird having a warm Christmas day.


  2. Winter?!!! I AM SO COLD!!! I brought my daughter to the doctor this morning for cold induced hives!!! Both my kids has indoor recess today because it was too cold. YOUR PHOTOS LOOK SO INVITING!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!


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  4. One thing I like about Texas is the awesome weather in Winter. Yesterday, it felt like Spring with sunshine brightening the clear blue skies. The only thing missing was a warm enough pool so the kids good swim and have with the water. Beautiful photos. Is that around the Hill Country area? We went there last Spring and the wildflowers in bloom were just spectacular. Happy New Year!


  5. Great way to photograph winter when a lot of people are doing without typical winter temps or snow! : ) I particularly like the water shots! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite… they’re all lovely for different reasons! Thanks for sharing~


  6. detta owens

    gorgeous photos. I need to go out there one day and just wonder around by myself. I’ve always had people with me and you have shots I’ve never noticed before


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