Mom’s Easy Lasagna Recipe

It’s been a while since I posted about cooking with Mom. I still have TONS of recipes, and hopefully, more future cooking time with her.

If you don’t know me, let me just say… is not my thing. Burning is my thing. Spilling is my thing. Sloshing stuff on the stove is my thing….but cooking? Not so much. Your welcome.

However my second Mom, Jason’s Mom, is an amazing cook and a very wonderful person inside and out. Being with her is like getting a great big HUG. You leave feeling loved and like you are a better person from just being around her.

Jason loves to cook. Sydney loves to cook. Mom loves to cook.

Guess who watches, takes pictures, and eats?

That’s me! I love to do all three of those things. And I love Italian food, especially anything pasta-related. Spaghetti is the #1 on my favorite foods list. If you can make a mean spaghetti, I will love you forever.

And this lasagna? Definitely a top ten.

The recipe.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Some of the ingredients.

I wasn’t there for the mixing.

Happily, I was there for the final product.

So do follow the directions, and you will end up with this……

Steaming hot lasagna….

We had this lasagna for dinner tonight. It was DELICIOUS. I am really glad I married a man that cooks (thanks to a mom that taught him). You can only eat TV dinners for so long.

What’s your favorite food?

15 thoughts on “Mom’s Easy Lasagna Recipe

  1. The Drama Mama

    Someday my lasagna will come out of the oven looking that good. YUM. Pasta/Italian is definitely my favorite. I make a mean lasagna rollup too.


  2. That lasagna looks soooooo good. I make a lasagna, but it is not red sauce with meat it is Chicken Divan. I want to make a red sauce lasagna with beef.

    My favorite food is pizza. Love it in many different shapes and sizes.


  3. My favorite food depends on the weather oddly enough. In the Florida heat it will always be a huge salad of some sort. Cooler weather begs for chili or Mexican food while rainy weather brings on my appetite for nothing but steaming soup. The lasagna pictures made it look terrific! I bet it was.


  4. Well, my husband has decided to put the final touches on the bathroom he decided to remodel…like exactly a year ago…and he’s putting in the window which is that last thing. Anyways he needs help to do it so he invited his brotha from anotha motha over.
    So I’m making them lasagna…however I can’t eat it because red meat gives me the rumbly in my tumbly.


  5. Definitely drool worthy! I love making lasagna, but I’ve never tried it with cottage cheese. I usually use ricotta. But maybe I should give it a try sometime that way 🙂


  6. I’m a bit kitchen challenged too and sometimes I get home and the BF is acting like I’m supposed to provide him with dinner. I’m like “dude, aren’t you the one who can cook?”. My father used to do all the cooking while I sat on top of a tall stool being a chatterbox so I never really learned anything. In college, I decided I was going to make something and made….lasagna! I had no clue there were easier things to start with. Just knew I liked lasagna so that’s what I was gonna make. This looks delicious and I love the pics of her prepping.


  7. I have been told I make a mean spaghetti, and lasagna, and baked ziti. I think I must have been Italian in a previous life! IF you ever get up here to GA to visit I will make you a mean spaghetti (but I won’t be mean). Deal???


  8. Marianne

    That sounds so yummy. I noticed that she has a box of Skinner noodles. There should be a recipe on the box called Virginia’s easy lasagne where you use uncooked noodles. It’s good, too.


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