Creeping Creepers

Giving me the jeepers!

The time I was almost scared to death.

Let me set the scene.

The players…my gorgeous daughter.

And my sweet girl Salem.

Also, my husband was in on this “plan”.

See how in this photo, the chair has it’s back to the windows. Those windows are the back door. Straight in front the chair is the front door. So, if say…I was SITTING in that chair. I could not see the backdoor, but I could see the front door. And really? I don’t have to worry. The dogs go ballistic when someone comes to the door. Anyone! Even me.

So, imagine me in the chair pictured above. I am watching TV and minding my own biz. The dogs are lounging (remember I have three). Then, they set off to the front door, but not barking. I thought maybe Jason and Sydney got home, they had dropped the little kids at their mom’s. Is it possible they knew it was them and didn’t bark? A miracle!

Turns out they were just doing recon. They just kinda stood around, and didn’t seem to “sense” any presence. My biggest dog, Salem, turns around from the front door to the back door and immediately her hair STANDS ON END. And she starts barking like I have never heard her bark in my life. It’s like paws down, back up, and every muscle tense in fight mode. Her bark is at full roar.

In my mind, I thought… OH MY GOSH, she is barking like someone is at the back door.

That’s when I turn around and I SEE FACES at the backdoor.

I, nearly, lost it.

It was just Sydney.

And Jason.

Laughing at me while I clutched my chest about to keel over.

And that is the time I was MOST startled in my life.

Someday…..I’m going to get them back for that.

Mama’s Losin’ It
2.) Describe a time you felt startled.

22 thoughts on “Creeping Creepers

  1. Oh man, that would have freaked me out! I love the moment when the dog turns and it’s hair stands up and you know there’s something…behind you. Eeeeeek! They totally deserve some payback!


  2. You really set the scene well – and althought you told us what the prompt was, I was still SCARED by the hair standing on end thing! I would have lost it completely…and then probably would have beaten them both to death at the end! What a great job you did with this!


  3. The Dudes like to scare me. Fortunately they haven’t gotten into anything truly scary. Usually it involves #3 suddenly turning into a zombie in my back seat. Not quite as terrifying as he thinks!


  4. When I was younger, the four of us in my family took a road trip. Mom had fallen asleep. Dad pulled off the interstate to get gas. There was a tow truck with a car hooked up by its rear axle. Dad pulled right up to the towed car so that it was right up against us. And then we all screamed bloody murder.

    Mom was not impressed.


  5. I’m easily startled… and people in my life take advantage of that! Why they think that’s okay, I have no idea. I hope you can get Sydney and Jason back one day!


  6. Oh my gosh, my stomach got all knotted up just thinking about what they were going to do to you! Haha! I’m a giant WUSS, so I’m afraid of my own shadow sometimes. I can’t wait to hear what the revenge will be!


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