First Location of the Meetup GPS Photo Safari

Today was the big Meetup GPS Photo Safari. If you haven’t joined a local meetup group? Why not? It’s a great place to find fun events that fit what you like to do. I love finding out where they go, because then I know (as a photographer) where I should go too; to get great photographs, or have a nice place to visit.

The event today was a little different. You didn’t know where you were going. The instructions were to show up and it would be explained at that point.

I wasn’t worried. I knew it would be someplace cool, and hopefully, a place I hadn’t been (all of them were).

At the first one, they give you a sheet of partial longitude/latitude coordinates to use to find the destinations selected for the event, but not all the numbers. The second number has to be figured out by a number gotten at the first destination (and so on as you moved to each one). So, we had to go, and get this number to have the coordinates of where to go next after you get to the first place. Brilliant!

The first place was found by subtracting the address of the starting location from the longitude/latitude listed on the sheet. Voila! The place to go next was revealed in code. Then, I had to input the longitude/latitude code onto a map to find out how to get there.

Thank goodness there was a handy iPad2 with an app for that.

Yes, there’s an app for that.

This is the first destination. It’s called the Farmer’s Branch Historical Park. It features many acres of historical homes, and replicas. Such a great place to see history come alive.

Twenty-seven acres is a lot of ground to cover, we spent waaaaay too long taking photographs and peering into windows and doors of a different time and era.

Take a look for yourself.

Farmer's Branch Historical Park Sign at the entrance.
Rocking Chairs set up at a 1930's historical home.
1885 Historic Queen Anne Victorian Home.
Detail from the Victorian era.

Sugar can in 1880's home.

Turn of the Century School House.

Rail Depot from the 1890’s.

1890's Rail Depot featuring a red caboose.
Lamps inside 1890's rail depot.
1930's Texaco Gas Station.
1840's Log House.
1840's storage barn.
1840's log cabin fireplace. How cool is that?

Isn’t this a fantastic place? I was so happy to find it through this event.

There were three other destinations after this one. I will post the next two places tomorrow.

Stay tuned…..

17 thoughts on “First Location of the Meetup GPS Photo Safari

  1. The Drama Mama

    ohhh this looks so much like the Walnut Grove of the Little HOuse on the Prairie series. I really really love that first house. I really do. Looking forward to more!!


  2. I love the place and love your photos of it. But the close-up of the holly made me wince a little. As a ten-year veteran of the floral industry, I’ve suffered holly injuries too numerous to count. Those pointy little leaves are devious!


  3. This sounds like such an interesting event! I’m glad you had a good navigator because I’m sure that I too would be lost if it were me in your shoes. Looks like you made it to all your destinations without too much trouble. These destinations certainly made for some great photo opportunities. Great job!


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