GPS Photo Safari – The Finish

The last set of coordinates on the Meetup GPS Photo Safari took me to Founder’s Plaza.

An incredible spot to view planes landing. There is also an air traffic control speaker, and many historical markers about the DFW airport.

I dreamed of being a flight attendant since I was ten years old. I became a travel agent instead, but I have been on MANY trips (and probably saw more places). I have traveled almost to my heart’s content, or at least more than I have ever dreamed possible (and it’s not over yet!).

I love the airport. I love flying. I love everything about travel (except for the lines and pushy people). If I could, I would travel the world and take pictures.

Anyone out there want to pay me to do that??

So, I loved this park full of flight, and fun.

It was also home to happy flying statues of children.

I was taken by them. They were magical.

Frozen in the wind. Sailing with the planes. They delight in every landing as they soar in sequence at the airport’s gate.

So carefree! I loved them, and wanted to take them home with me.

Instead, I watched planes with them.

Mesmerized by the miracle of flight.

The airport end to my day was perfect.

The light changed and I noticed something special about my new statue friends.

They make amazing silhouettes.

Our safari ended in a blaze of glory.

Sunset at DFW airport.

But what fantastic memories of memorable, and historic places.

I can’t wait until the next safari. In fact, I may have to do a few on my own just to keep my exploring alive.

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “GPS Photo Safari – The Finish

  1. love the plane shots, i work at the last sugar mill in hawaii and we are right by the airport. on my first day, i was standing on the roof of the mill and a plane was coming right at us! i would’ve killed for a camera. there is a side road between our area and the airport and there are many a photographer lying in wait on the roof of their cars for a photo op.


  2. I think I love these, Angelia! This whole GPS photography is just phenomenal. You really are a gifted photographer. I love the silhouettes. The light is so great in all your photographs!



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