A Hiccup in Time

Be wise in the use of time. The question in life is not how much time do we have. The question is what shall we do with it.

– Anna Robertson Brown, author

I blogged 78 days in a row (80 days if you count my private blog).

My longest streak ever.

I am not a pre-blogger or scheduler. When I post, it is from the heart, and right then. Most times, I don’t even know what is going to come out until I sit down. I typically call it….writing on the fly.

And I love it. I love that I’m not a planner, but a doer.

But you can’t plan for sick.

After seeing an allergist for the first time, I got confirmation that the consistent hives (big ugly, mean, red itchy things) were from my Grave’s Disease (a hyperthyroid disorder). And I have seasonal allergies with a very sensitive nose. He put me back on antihistamines (which I hate – Zyrtec you make me a zombie), but they work. I, also, had a sinus infection.

Instead of blogging, I slept.

I healed.

And I adjusted to new medicines.

The good news is my hives are MUCH, much better. And my sinus infection is almost cleared up.

Another thing I have kept up with is my half-marathon training. I am still walking/running every week. The mileage will start to increase next month, but I can tell that my legs are getting more conditioned and will do just fine.

I have missed blogging. I will probably try to beat my 78-day record in the near future (starting February?). To all you daily bloggers (and planners), I tip my hat to you. It is not easy.

I took photos at the last event I attended. I hope to do a blog about the food served there. O.M.G. Soooo good!

This event was unbelievable. It was held at the Cowboys Stadium by Emirates Air. The MC was Daryl Johnston (aka, Moose). We had cocktails in one of the clubs, and then dinner on a linen-cloaked table right on the 40-yard line.

Wow! Does not seem to do it all justice. No expense was spared. They were promoting their new non-stop service from Dallas/Fort Worth to Dubai.

They used THOUSANDS of roses lining every entryway and every table. They also gave away free tickets. A co-worker of mine won two coach class airline tickets to Dubai. I hate her. Kidding….

Another major event that happened during my bloggy break.

My daughter was in another car accident. And again, it was NOT her fault. As she was stopping at a yellow light (rather than running it – we have red-light cameras all over) the guy behind her WAS running through yellow. He nailed her from behind at a pretty good clip.

The whole rear-end of the car is smashed. Front pieces on the dashboard FLEW off. The back trunk is buckled.

I’m really glad she didn’t see it coming. I think if she did, she would have tensed up, and been a lot more sore.

But still…..

Poor kid. This is her third accident (not her fault) in an eighteen-month time period.

The worst part of this whole thing? The car will probably be totaled. I was rear-ended in 2010 – same car. It took MONTHS for it to be fixed. It wasn’t paid off then. It is now.

Even if they did fix it….how safe is it? It’s getting harder and harder for it to withstand impact. I have never seen a dash pop off like that.

Sydney has to say good-bye to a car she loved (and I loved). It breaks my heart. She faces the consequences of not having a car anymore, because someone was not paying attention.

I am praying it will all work out somehow, someway and we can get her another car.

So thankful, she is not injured, and it wasn’t bad enough to have the airbag deploy.

Why can’t we keep our kids in a bubble????

A big, safe protective bubble that saves them from idiots. Sigh.

Hope everyone in the bloggy world is doing well.

This afternoon, I get to head to a Qantas Air function at the DFW airport. We get to board a 747 the one that will be flying DFW to Australia non-stop. Can you believe that? I am definitely carrying my camera to this one too.

Some days, it’s pretty awesome being a travel agent (and photographer).

Happy Sunday!

24 thoughts on “A Hiccup in Time

  1. suzicate

    Glad Sydney is ok other than sore; sorry about the car. We know all about that here…cars we love (and are paid off) totaled due to others not paying attention…sucked, but at least no one was seriously hurt.


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  3. Oh Wow. Glad you’re feeling better and Sydney is OK! Now I know what will happen if anyone actually rear ends me hard. I wondered how well the Matrix bumpers really hold up. I’ve just been bumped with no damage but if I hear a crunch I’ll be watching out for the dash!


  4. I am so sorry that you’re sick but took the much needed time to heal. 78 posts is a wonderful accomplishment. I know that I couldn’t do that…I’d go nuts…don’t comment on that…LOL.
    I am also glad that Sydney is safe. RIP car.


  5. Yay! You’re back! I know about antihistamines, and sinus infections, had one for six months in 2011. I hated it. The meds weren’t working, had to get stronger ones (I hate using that stuff, I know it’s not healthy.) Eventually it cleared up, and I’m glad yours are too! Get all better soon!
    How scary. Glad Sydney’s OK. And I’m sure she’s glad you don’t keep her in a bubble.
    Can’t wait for your photos of the next event. This one seemed beautiful!


  6. Angelia, I am going to repeat the same thing what others already said, “Glad that Sydney is OK.”

    And I liked your concept of, “writing on the fly”. I just believe in the same concept. Until I start writing, I am never aware of what will come. I just go with the flow and write whatever my heart wants me to write.


  7. I am sorry to hear of your daughter’s misfortune. I’m happy though she wasn’t hurt seriously. Ultimately that is all that matters. You wrote that once in a while being a travel agent/photographer has SOME perks? OMG – the pictures were wonderful and the evening sounded terrific. Do you need an assistant?


    So tell me, how’s your life?? It would take me all day to get caught up by reading your posts.

    I’m so happy to be HERE!



  9. Sorry to hear about Sydney over the weekend. Accidents are no fun, and three in the last 18 months is no good. But I’m glad she’s safe – that’s the most important thing. And I’m glad you’re feeling better too and back to blogging daily. My hats off to you! I used to be one of those daily bloggers and I just couldn’t keep up. Now I plan for 3 posts in a week and pray I can keep my commitment to those ;o)


  10. Rach @ This Italian Family

    The same thing happened to me! I stopped for a yellow light when the guy behind me just assumed I was going to run it. He hit me pretty hard and shoved my car (with me in it!) into the middle of an intersection. Was terrifying, but I was okay. 🙂 Glad she’s okay too! 🙂


  11. Savira

    I hope you and your daughter are feeling better…. I enjoy blogging but I think I have become addictive so will have to try and wean off for a few days! Take care and rest well


  12. Good luck with your training.

    The event looked awesome!

    So sorry about Syd. :-(. Can’t keep them in a bubble but you can teach them to not be idiots and be deligent. Won’t the guy that hit her be responsible and his insurance pay for stuff? I bet a massage or some type of body work would be really good for her. I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


  13. Geez, I don’t make time to read blogs for a few days and look what happens! First, I am glad you gave yourself a break, and I hope you are feeling better. Two, your whole running thing is incredibly inspiring. I don’t know if I could even run a full half mile right now, and I’m still too afraid to try! And three, I am so sorry about Sydney’s accident! Thank goodness she is unscathed!


  14. I missed a lot in my two weeks off. My first wreck was exactly the same way, sort of. Mom was following me home and since she knew I would make the light, gunned it to try to make it too. I figured she couldn’t make it and slammed my brakes to stop even though I had plenty of time. Try having both cars in the family wrecked at the same time!
    Second, I use to have a Matrix too! For 7 years actually. Andy was worried about it not holding up in an accident and bought me something bigger. Glad to see that it proved him wrong and kept Sydney well protected.
    Lastly, I can speak highly for Emirates air. It was 15 years ago, but when I flew with them their service was fabulous. Even in coach the food was delicious, the seats were comfortable and the attendants were helpful. We even got to visit the pilot in the cockpit. I wonder if that would be allowed now?
    Man, I miss traveling.


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