Friday Fragments

  • I got in the elevator. The doors closed. I stood there staring at the buttons, because – for the life of me – I could not remember which floor my car was on. That wouldn’t have been sooo bad, except it was the second time in the same day I did that. ::face palm::
  • Also the same day? I sent my husband a text that stated – I have ADD. It’s really bad and I can’t concentrate. I asked him what the cure was….his answer? Coffee and Chocolate. Ho boy!
  • Today marks the fifth day of driving Sydney to high school since the car accident that left her car-less. She was only almost late one time. It’s great for me. I feel like she is a freshman again. And that is exactly why it’s bad for her……during her Senior year. Seriously…yikes!
  • My second 5K race of the year is Saturday. I am doing it with (mostly) the same peeps that participated in the last one. We have become a true “team” (yay! team!). I expect all of us to beat our time by just a little bit. I am a brutal coach. PICK UP THOSE FEET!!
  • I went to my first Zumba class Wednesday night. I had NO idea what to expect. If I would get the steps, or just look like a bumbling two-left-feet-kind-of-gal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I did bumble. I almost lost my footing more than once, but in the end, I did get the steps down. Annndddd??? I made it through the entire class without dying. Plus, I could walk the next day. Yes, I will be going back. Turns out, I LOVE to dance.
  • I can’t believe next week is February. Someone…PLEASE…stop the clock. And just FYI, I always want to misspell February. Always.
  • Did I tell you my sweet husband bought me a brand new MAC? I looves it. We got a second desk in the office and now I have my very own MAC AND desk. I am the luckiest chic alive. The only bad thing? I haven’t moved my photoshop actions over. I really wish I didn’t love those actions so much.
  • I did not win tickets to Australia at the last airline event I attended. But now I am on quest to GET to Australia at some point in my life. It is even higher on the list now than Italy. I must GO someday. It is my destiny. I mean I did name my daughter SYDNEY.
  • Speaking of event, I got some FANTASTIC photographs of the 747 jumbo Qantas jet that flies from DFW to Sydney. I will post those later. I tried to be a stow-away. I totally did.

Me, Sydney bear, Mo, and Sal.
  • I only have a grip on the lovely Sydney Bear, because I am hoping he will take me back to Australia with him. It’s not like I have gun to his back. PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!! It was a back-up plan (sorta). He is a cute bear!
Plan "A"
  • Plan “A” was to hide out in here, and hope no one noticed I was in the crew quarters bunk.

  • Unfortunately, the flight attendant found us. She said she was just making sure we were okay up there. Yah, riiiight.
  • So, I am still here….in North Central Texas. At least, it has been a nice winter. We got a good dose of rain and the temps have been in the 50-70’s. Can’t beat that.

Have a most fabulous weekend!!

20 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Yay for a new MAC! Boo for not getting Photoshop actions transferred. I received a mac for my birthday last year, but I don’t yet have Photoshop [it’s sooo unnecessarily expensive!]. Which equals me having to balance between my old computer [to edit photos on Photoscape], and using my sweet wiwwle mac for everything else.

    Good luck on your 5K!

    P.S. Getting to Australia is also on my BucketList!


  2. Since our neighbors moved in, I’ve been dyin to go to Austrailia. That’s where they’re from.
    Mostly I just want to sit on there couch and have them read me stories…their accents make my heart happy.
    Good luck on the 5k!!!!


  3. My husband let me borrow his MAC Laptop after my PC crashed. I will NOT give it back. I LOVE it soooo much!
    My son was born February 28th. I was hoping he would be born in March because I wasn’t sure if I’d spell February correctly! HAHA!


  4. My husband is all about getting on one of those gigantic planes. I’m too scared. I mean that many people, that big a plane…how does it stay in the air? I’m not that lucky.

    Yes yes to Italy! I spent a summer there when i was 16. And I’ve never been to Australia BUT when we lived in Germany one of the mothers at the international school I was friends with was from Australia and they moved back while we were there.

    So, like once removed, I’ve totally been there.

    Happy Friday!


  5. I hate when that happens to me…the elevator thing! I work in a high rise and it’s happened often and I end up passing my floor and having to go back down again 🙂

    And Zumba seems to be all the rage now. I know a lot of people who love it. I did Jazzercise before, but like anything disguised as exercise, I eventually stopped doing it :o/


  6. We definitely want to get to Australia…and New Zealand…at some point.

    February has always been hard for me, too. I say feb-BRU-airy in my head…sad since it is my birthday month AND soon to be the sprouts, too!!


  7. I found it too difficult to share a computer with the ex pup daddy, one year I told him, I want a macbook for my birthday (much more than we usually spent on each other). He tried to argue, I said, “hey, you’re on the pc all the time, I never get to use it, macbook or else”.

    I’ve been to zumba a few times, it’s fun but makes me very aware of my “white girlness”. No rhythm, at all, my booty shaking is barely noticeable to the naked eye.

    Btw, one of the things I like most about moving to Maui, very few parking structures! You are not alone, I always used to lose my car all the time when I lived in the city. I’d hit the alarm and hear it beep from several floors above me.


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