A Capture of Me

Mama’s Losin’ It
4.) Share a photo that was taken of you, that you think really captures who you are.

This week we were asked to share a photo that really captures who we are. And what could be a better capture than a photo taken by a photographer? A photo taken just last week on an impromptu photo walk in Fort Worth.

As a person, I feel like I am constantly changing. Usually, my life changes are shaped by my current obsession. This current obsession is photography. I would live, breathe, and eat photography if I could.

Unfortunately, I can’t. Not right now. I have a “main” job that keeps me very, very busy with very little time to have fun. But I try. Oh how I try to keep the sparks and dreams alive of being the best photographer I can be.

I love these captures because, I am doing what I love to do.

Exploring through the lens….


And laughing.

Of course, I am many other things; Mom, Step-Mom, wife, and friend. I love all the things I am, but truly, being a photographer is a reward far beyond what I ever imagined.

26 thoughts on “A Capture of Me

  1. I agree that you look very happy! Your friend did a great job. I’m glad that you had a good time on that photo walk as well.

    I know what you mean about feeling like you have to put some hopes and dreams on hold for a while. I love that the way that you’re making time for the things that you enjoy. Hang in there. Your time will come.


  2. What lovely shots – so happy. Looking through the lens is fun, isn’t it? (although I’m no pro at all – strictly a hobby, but it keeps me sane most days).


  3. Great photographs. Yes each photograph of your blog shows how much you enjoy photography. A person can’t has that much creativity and dedication towards any job, unless he enjoy doing it. Keep at It. 🙂


  4. The Drama Mama

    You are so much more than what’s in these pictures but I think that last one with you laughing captures the essence of your soul.


  5. Love both pics and they SO capture you and your essence. I have a photographer friend who needed one more class to get her teaching degree so she took a “fluff’ photography class and was hooked. Went back to school to be a photographer and has been hooded since!


  6. Girl, you are so pretty, love this. I know how you feel, I’d love to blog and freelance write full time but I’ve got to put a roof over my head and food on the table. Got the photography bug too but am clueless! I’d love to be half as good as you one day!


  7. I was telling Andy the other day I was going to write a blog about my passions – who I am- so I had to laugh at the “Current” obsession line. Picking one thing seems to be my problem.
    If you have been as incredible at your past obsessions as you are at this one, well, you are prepared to take over the world. I always love your pictures, and the picture of you laughing proves that you love taking them.


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