Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Valentine’s Day cupcakes are here!

I think my New Year’s resolutions are hanging by a thread. Not that I swore off cupcakes or anything, but they certainly don’t help my exercise regimen.

But look at the creamy and moist deliciousness….. so hard to resist.

And isn’t it cute how this cupcake is crazy for me? We met later *wink*wink.

What can I say? I’ll regret the calories, but my sweet tooth has no conscience.

For more takes on the challenge, go to The Daily Post.

No cupcakes were harmed in the making of this post. A few were eaten though.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. How did you get the pink tinge to the photo?
    And I think that you should teach me how to take and edit gorgeous photos…I’ll pay you in cupcakes and homemade snicker bars.
    I’m serious.


  2. Your photos make those cupcakes look tantalizing, but I must confess that sweet that is not chocolate carries little appeal for me. Unless it’s a Payday candy bar.Or angel food cake covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Or. . . .


  3. Oh cupcakes, the bane of sweettooths (sweetteeth?)everywhere. I think you meant to spell ‘conscience’. Sorry, homeschooled so many years I can’t get out of the habit of correcting spelling. Summers here are delightful–70s, cool breezes and the Ocean!


  4. Since reading the latest findings on chocolate actually having health benefits, I don’t feel as bad about being a chocoholic:) I’m just Crazy 4 Chocolate and those cupcakes make me regret not baking any yet!

    Love your photos, makes me want to visit Cowtown and your city.


  5. Hi, my name is Tania and I’m addicted to cupcakes…

    I love cupcakes and these are beauties…Good for me, there ain’t none of those fancy schmancy works of art cupcake joints on Maui…on Oahu, they were my downfall.


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