Will I or Won’t I? (Just Write)

Have you ever been told something that seemed impossible to believe?

So, you sock it away and don’t think on it….because that can’t be true….can it?

But then, you are told it again, and ASSURED this is going to happen. And the worst thing happens to your heart….you get your hopes up. Way up.

Then, they get to come CRASHING down when the thing you got your hopes up for doesn’t happen……um…..yet…..?

See, I was told a few months ago that everyone at the office was moving home. Yes, work in your jammies from home.


It didn’t happen.

I SWORE I wouldn’t get my hopes up again. Most especially, I would not think of all the wonderful benefits that working from home would produce in my life.

No more driving thirty minutes each way (or more), running late, waiting at lights, and other mad rages of the road. In other words, getting to work ALREADY stressed.

No I wouldn’t miss that commute.

I wouldn’t miss leaving my Zumba bag at home whilst running late to work, and having to spend my entire lunch hour to run home and get it (or other forgotten thing – like Zumba shoes).

But I am NOT getting my hopes up about this.


Not when I heard the moving company giving quotes to the regional manager yesterday. Not when I overheard all the paperwork was in order now that the new leasers had signed. Not when the auditor from headquarters showed up to do final inventory of all the office items. Not when the regional VP stands at my cubicle and says, “Well, it’s happening. Maybe a little later than we thought, but we are getting there.”


Not gonna do it.

Not until my rear is in a chair at home on my work computer…..I will not believe that I will be working from home soon…..Will I?

Participating in JUST WRITE. I know it’s not a specific moment, or thing happening around me, but these are the thoughts dominant in my head right now (and I had to get them OUT). All around me this week things are being moved and listed. It’s all I can do NOT to get my hopes up…..which is kinda dumb. Duh. Our office is closing…..isn’t it?

And because I can’t leave you without a photo……I have a Facebook photography group called, Chics Who Click. Every Monday I post a photo challenge. This week is PETS. It is such a blast seeing all the wonderful photos. I took a few of a pet at Clark Gardens. BEAUTIFUL DOG with beautiful eyes. Here is one of them.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Happy Tuesday!

13 thoughts on “Will I or Won’t I? (Just Write)

  1. suzicate

    Working from home is the ultimate! Think of all the money you’ll save on gas and work clothes,,,not to mention the convenience! Yay, you!


  2. I work from home and I do love it – two hours a day spent not commuting is a wonderful thing, as is all the money I no longer spend on dry cleaning, parking, etc. I hope it comes to pass for you!

    Also – that dog? Freaking adorable. Great shot.


    1. My daughter was telling me that her school was going electronic next year. No notebooks. They will carry around iPads and laptops. I’m not sure about the books, but I thought that was interesting.


  3. When you can write us FROM your chair at home when you ARE at home working in your jammies – THEN you can believe it and then WE will as well! Good luck. Sounds terrific. I’m envious.


      1. What I found was that since I was at home I felt odd doing anything like going to the restroom or grabbing a snack. I felt that since I did that I had to work more. But if I were in an office I wouldn’t count going to the bathroom as a break or walking to the breakroom fridge to grab an apple or a glass of water as a break. It takes two minutes. But at home for some reason I would think, “Oh no!” I find myself watching the clock a lot more to make sure I am WORKING during work hours. Yet . . . . it has its pros too. I am sure you will work it out.

        You’ll be able to smell the goodness in the crockpot! šŸ™‚


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