Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

I didn’t venture far for this week’s challenge. I got up-close and personal just outside my back door. Amazing what you can find when you look for it through the lens.

This bug is very special to me. I had a previous encounter with him, or a relative of his. It involved being on my car and riding around with me for TWELVE hours. I documented the day on Twitter and Instagram. Silly green bug.

Close-up of my new friend.

Close-up of my Moon Flowers (the weed version). I don’t care if they are not from the Morning Glory family….I still adore them. They come back year after year without fail.

Apparently, a little garden spider adores them too.

Garden Angel in my flower bed.

The little girl’s swing.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

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    1. Steve, it is a relative of the Jimson Weed. We’ve had them since I was little at my mom’s house. I lost the ones I transferred when I moved, but found one being sold at Calloway’s. I planted it (it was just leaves) and sure enough it’s been blooming and coming back year after year. They are beautiful….I guess the poisonous ones always are! HA.


    1. I agree! I have studied the photos of that guy and I am still stunned. Even his tail looks like a leave stem, and the detail on his back…truly incredible! He never moved or jumped. I guess he really believes he is a leaf. 🙂


    1. Arindam, I’ve said before, you are a gift to the blog world. Thank-you for your sweet and thoughtful comments. I am a fan of macro photography like that shot, but I am still working on mastering it. 🙂


    1. Thank-you so much!! I think it’s called a Leaf Bug (nickname term), but I had someone tell me it was just a grasshopper. I haven’t seen one that looked like a leaf before though. 🙂


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