Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

There is a lot of art and skill that goes into rock stacking. You may have seen some formations while hiking, or on a beach. I happened across these last summer on the beach of Ventura, California.

I was, of course, enthralled……..

Where did they come from? Who stacked them? What do they mean? Are they symbols? Is this a type of zen garden?

I couldn’t help but stare at these lovely bones of minerals. I couldn’t help but wonder about their creation (or creator). It was astounding to see so many.

After the trip, I did a few searches, but couldn’t find much about them. They say the stacked rocks appear in the morning and no one knows who, or how they get there. The balance of these odd shapes and sizes are striking, and despite the wind and surf, they do not waver. I saw people taking photos and moving a few stray rocks around. Who knows? Maybe, they were starting their own stack.

Whatever the mystery is…………..I hope you find them as fascinating as I did.


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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. Wow! Some of them seem to defy gravity. There is a house in our neighborhood that used to have toys wired to their bushes, but people kept stealing them . . . so she stopped doing it. For a while there was nothing in the yard. But then the rock stacks started showing up. Now they are all over the yard. Next time I am out I should get some pictures.

    These are amazing. Maybe you need to camp out to see how they appear?


    1. Toys wired to bushes? I am having a hard time picturing this. I can imagine the thieves had children! HA. Rumor is that it could be beach bums or surfers. If I lived in Cali, I just might camp there to find out. 🙂 Would love to see photos of their rocks.


      1. Hundreds of toys decorating the long hedge/bush in their front yard. Some wired, some hanging. Think “Christmas tree”, but it is a bush. It was always fun to see the new toys that had been added. But people had to ruin it by stealing.

        I think whoever is rock stacking is somewhat of an artist!


    1. I’m not even sure the photos do them justice. There were SO MANY. Piles and piles of these stacks. It was truly amazing, and honestly, I felt some zen coming off those things. It definitely has some kind of energy or flow.


  2. It’s a really interesting post. And you captured it beautifully through these picture. You always create something really beautiful with your pictures. As always great work Angelia.


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        1. It’s off the main entrance of the state park beach. Right off the walkway. I can’t remember exactly where…quite a bit North of the Marina and pier. 🙂 I have a friend who lives in Oxnard that met me when I was there. Awesome…


  4. My boys are going to love these pictures. I am going to make sure I show them tomorrow when they wake up, and I can promise you that there will be some rock stacking going on in our backyard tomorrow.
    Of course, ours will be lava rocks, taken from next to the garden… but I may have to take pics, post, and link back to your post!
    Truly, my kids are going to think this is the coolest thing ever.


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