Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Huntington Beach pier is an icon that graces the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. But have you ever wondered what secrets it holds inside?

The distresses it has faced in war, and mother nature.

What waters have crested its anchors?

The strength of the ocean current pulling and pushing.

What winds have pummeled its tresses?

The earth shook and it fell. Only to be rebuilt to the pier we see today.

What secrets does it hold inside?

It holds the secrets of facing giants, of holding tight to a history of its people, and the many surfers that have gone before it.

It holds the wonder of sea life, and the power of walking on water.

It holds mysteries far greater than any eye can see………

And I bet you thought it was just steel and concrete.

Photos taken May 2012 by Angelia’s Photography.

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. suzicate

    Great pics, especially the last one; just awesome! I’ve never been there…I love the way the “mini lighthouse” is built into the pier. It might not be a lighthouse but it looks like one.


  2. It’s been many years now since I’ve been there, but I clearly remember the days the kids and I spent on the beach there. Great photos and thank you for letting me relive these memories.


  3. I like these pictures and your words to go with them so beautifully. Yes I thought, it was just steel and concrete. Thanks for explaining what inside it so beautifully. Great post Angelia.


  4. I love piers, and the ocean and your shots are a great story. Sadly it’s a bit of a challenge to find ocean in landlocked Alberta without a 10 hour drive or 1 hour flight (which I rarely do). A friend of mine spends part of her time in California/Mexico and she loves piers too – so much so one of her gallery exhibits focused on them. She’s a fabulous photographer. I think you’d like art. http://www.carolynguild.com/Carolyn_Guild_Photography/The_Art_of_Water.html


    1. I feel your pain. Our closest beach is about 4 hours from here….a nice beach? 10 hours. It’s tough! I’d rather be near the ocean. I will check the art out. 🙂 Thanks for the link.


  5. Hmmm … Huntington Beach are being visited by bloggers lately. I’ma go there this weekend for the Surf Contest. 😉
    I have pictures below the pier but most of it are not blog-worthy fails.


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