Rattlesnake Dreams

Waking with a start, I immediately stare at my right hand. The spot just above the thumb joint at the curve to the fingers is BURNING. Burning all the way to my wrist. Burning with the venom of a rattle snake that just nipped me six or seven times in that spot.


A rattlesnake that nips. Venom that burns. This should clue you in to the weirdness of the dream, played out in living color detail, both equal parts horrifying, and bizarre.

The star player of this nightmare – a rattlesnake.

Truthfully, he didn’t start out as the bad guy. In the beginning of the dream, he is sleeping peacefully coiled in a basket on the bar. Someone with me (not sure who) decides to pick it up. So, he grabs at it (yes HE) and was immediately struck down. I, in my dream, as some kind of fearless snake whisperer, went for the snake in order to protect my nameless, faceless idiot-who-pisses-off-sleeping-rattlesnakes friend from death.

We danced.

I swerved.

He dodged.

The snake and I faced off in the arena like The Hunger Games.

I had moves like Jagger, but in the end?

He is a rattlesnake.

And this rattlesnake wraps itself around my arm sinking its fangs, ever so gently, into the soft skin of my hand over and over.

Like a vampire’s love bite.

And it BURNED.

I’m not sure what happened to the snake after that, maybe I blacked out, and it slithered away. Regardless, it was no where in sight, and I staggered around the bar stools holding my injured arm in need of immediate medical attention. It just so happens a doctor/nurse is on standby (at the bar?) with a handy antidote for deadly venom.


I waited while they prepped and opened all the medical stuff like they do. The waiting was a killer (heh)…. my fear began quickly rising, almost as fast as my hand grew terribly numb. Then the doc/nurse started to cut, with tiny little scissors, all the places between the fang marks (WTH?!). I am assuming to get more access to the venom? To keep it from spreading?

I don’t know.

All I know is the evil nurse/doctor turns to me with big smile plastered on her face as she laughingly tells me. They had NO idea the snake bit me SO MANY times, because, really? There just isn’t enough venom antidote to fix it.

THAT is when my eyes open to the hand that burns. Which is totally fine, and completely unmarked, but still very numb.

Rattlesnake – ONE
My hero dream self – ZERO


Apparently if you dream of rattlesnakes, and specifically getting bitten by rattlesnakes, you are awakening to something inside yourself that needs attention. I don’t know how true all the stuff about dream interpretation is, but I found it very interesting. Then, I found some incredible photos my husband took of one at the San Diego Zoo last summer (awesome job honey!).

Do you have dreams like this? What is the weirdest thing you have ever dreamed about?

15 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Dreams

  1. I have dreams that I think are weird, but I can’t remember any of them now. There is a “famous” one my hubby had (famous to us because we repeat what he said — all the time).

    A long time ago when we were dating and I didn’t realize that when he dreamt and talked he thought I was there with him (in the dream) so he would get mad when I asked him questions. He was telling me about people that were annoying him outside of a bakery and that we needed to bash ’em on their “cake-top heads”. So when people annoy us we say, “We need to hit them on their cake-top heads.”

    After that I realized that he thought I was there (in his dreams) so I changed the way I quetioned him when he talked in his sleep. It always proves to be a funny story for when he wakes up!

    Your dream was scary! Snake bites! Scary!


    1. That is too funny! Cake-top heads…I’m not going to forget that one. 🙂
      I have a lot of fighting dreams…and to me, this was just one of those. It didn’t look like the rattler in the photo. And the bite didn’t hurt. It was very strange, but chock-full of hidden meanings that I found amazing in how our brains process them out in a dream.


  2. Yep a good old rattlesnake dream will give you a numb feeling for sure, not sure about the dream interpretation stuff either, either something deep or just a fear of snakes 🙂


    1. I do have a fear/reverence of snakes. I, also, watched a crazy guy on America’s Got Talent face-off with a Cobra. GEEZ. That was crazy. Could just be memories of stuff meshing together. And that hand was the one I broke a few years back and gets achy. 🙂


  3. What an intense dream! And you tell it so compellingly! I’ve had all kinds of weird dreams…some recurring and some obvious (and some not). One of the weirder versions is that I am at an airport, but it’s not just any airport. It’s like a maze with crazy tunnels and switch backs…and there are usually millions of gates and I have to get to gate 345,000 or something like that. And sometimes I can see my gate clearly, but there’s no way to get to it. Clearly a frustration dream!


  4. Oh, I hope I never see a rattlesnake, or any snake in any of my dreams or in real life!!!
    Dreams? Way to tired to have them and if they happen, I am so clueless. 😦
    Love the story and the interpretation about your ‘snake’ dream. 🙂


  5. I always had dreams about birds – for years and years. I still don’t like them, just because of my dreams. But of course, my hubby had to go and get a raven tattooed onto his arm… so I better get over it. I am sleeping with a raven forever now! (He did have a reason. It represents the ravens that fed Elijah in the desert)
    Snakes don’t bother me. Of course, I’ve never had to meet a rattler!


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