Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

What is more more everyday than a little outing to the local ice cream shop?

When I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I happened to have my camera with me from an earlier outing. And every good photog knows…..

Rule number one: Never, EVER leave your camera in the car.

So, I haul it, and all my other equipment inside. And of course, I can’t resist a few photos of the MOST DELICIOUS BANANA SPLIT EVER.

And the company is pretty cute too….heh.

I’d really like to say I shared this.

Chocolate ice cream is a girl’s best friend.

Or is it a banana spilt sundae? I can’t remember which…….Mmmm! Brain fog from sugar eye-candy overload.

Hubby and littlest step-daughter completely oblivious to my spy camera skillz.

Oldest step-daughter. Not so oblivious to the spy camera skillz.

Maybe, a bit of a poser too.

But see, she had photography camp this summer. So, she gets it. The whole thing.

Camera. Photo. Snap. Review.

This is my cue to put down the camera and pick up the spoon.


It’s not so difficult to choose a favorite pastime.

I’ll take both.

Every day.

Want more photo challenge fun? Go see what WordPressers are doing at The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge.

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. You don’t really think she was posing for that picture do you 🙂

    This is my problem, a lot of times I mess up and leave the camera in the car, the fun times never make it into pictures.

    I don’t blame you for putting down the camera and picking up the spoon, looks like you had a great outing, the pictures tell a great story–well done.


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  6. I scream. I love i scream…

    The picture, the ice cream, and the girl are very beautiful. Very detailed picture.
    Arrghh.. Yummy, the iceream picture made my saliva out of control.
    And I agree with your rule number 1 : never leave your camera.

    Oh yeah, please check my post too. I am sharing the picture of batik : Indonesia National and Traditional Clothing. Hope you enjoy it.


  7. Who can resist this ice cream? Just delicious to the last spoon! Every now and then, while visiting an outdoor mall , we would visit our favorite Gellato ice cream place and indulge on these sweet, cold heavenly treat!


  8. pattisj

    Such pretty girls! The ice cream looked pretty good, too, no matter what you call it. 🙂 And a budding photographer, you’ll have to stay alert now!


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