Sunday Post: My favorite Spot

The Sunday post from Jake’s Printer could not have come at a better time. The theme this week is to post your favorite spot.

Although, I have many, many favorite spots. I have one in particular that means a lot to me. It is a restaurant called Sushi Zone located in Arlington, Texas. In my three years of blogging, I have written about it twice. Once for our Friday nights with Sushi and, again years later with photos.

I wrote it about twice……because I LOVE THIS PLACE.

It is my favorite spot, not just because I discovered I loved Sushi here, but because, my husband has gone here for years, and years.

Then? I became a part of that world – like I became part of his world.

Then? It became my world too. And I brought my daughter Sydney into the fold. A well-blended Sushi family. Dining at our home away from home.

This is the place we go for meet-anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

This is our special place.

And yes, you can get Sushi at a lot of restaurants in the city, but you can’t get the atmosphere of this place. You can’t make memories that last. You don’t know the chef’s name, where HE eats, and the sports teams he follows. You don’t know the waitress, how old she is, that she is a widow, and she works part-time at the IHOP down the road from us. This is a place where they don’t ask where you want to sit. They just know.

At the Sushi bar, you are greeted with the most delicious cucumber salad. It is pickled in something divine, because that is exactly how it tastes.

The first thing we order is Salmon. Always. It is my favorite fish, and that first melt-in-your-mouth piece explodes the taste buds. Boom!

We always drink sake – Japanese rice wine. We ordered a special bottle this time, an incredibly pure Sake, served chilled.

Jason then shows Sydney how to use the chopsticks….again. He is ever so patient, but she has yet to get it. Not after years of being handed them. She tries to pick up one piece, it falls, and then she just digs in with her fingers. Every time.

She would say, she knows HOW. She just CAN’T. Sorta like bike-riding..ahem.

A California Roll usually comes after our fish pieces. I love this roll….it’s called California! Yes! My favorite State. AND it is LOVELY for photos. So pretty! And colorful!

I can’t help it. I have to PHOTOGRAPH this wonderful display. It’s like fine art.

Lastly, after I have stuffed every bit of fish and rice I can hold in my stomach. They deliver the yum-a-licious orange. Cut, flavored, and sprinkled with orange-suckling goodness.

And I feel healthier for eating it.

We LOVE this place.

That is why I took so many photos on Friday night. So that we can always remember all the times we spent here, all the memories it holds, and how special it will always be.

You see, Sushi Zone closed their doors on Saturday, September 29, 2012. They served their last roll, their last order of edamame, and their last sashimi. Koji can hang his Sushi-chef hat high. What a wonderful service he has provided all these years. The outpouring of patrons visiting for the last time, like us, was truly phenomenal.

We wish he, and his crew much love, and success in the future. And really hope to see them all again.

Sushi Zone…this post was for you. ♥

You will always be my favorite spot.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Post: My favorite Spot

  1. I hate sushi. At least I did until the daughter of a friend took me one day. She had to order for us and all I can remember was one dish was tuna. I have not been back since but do remember all of it as being delicious.


  2. Angelia, I lived in Japan for about 2 1/2 months back in the late 90’s. You would LOVE it there because sushi and pretty much all seafood are their main food.

    I’m not a big seafood eater, so it was hard to find things to eat. I ended up eating beef (Kobe) and a lot of rice, miso soup, and vegetable tempura.

    Gorgeous photos! Especially love the ones of the salmon and orange. Stunning color!


  3. I love your (ex) favorite place because you described it so well. Shucks, too bad it had to close. Wah!!
    I’ve heard of chilled Sake…sounds yummy! I adore hot Sake…do you think it’s better chilled or hot?
    Thanks, this is a great post…Wah, I’m hungry now!!!!


  4. Yes, they all look delicious. Me and my wife are crazy about Sushi and Sashimi. There’s several places around Houston that are good. stunning images. The dark background in contrast to the bright subjects made them pop on screen. Have a great week.


  5. Oh, I was so enchanted by the photos and your story, and am so saddened that your favorite place is now closed. That is so disappointing.
    I, too, am a California girl.
    It’s been so long (I apologize) since I have visited. I love the changes you have made to your site!


  6. Oh, bummer. I am sorry your favorite place closed. I am sure you are left wondering where you are going to have all those special occasion dinners. Sigh. Not only is the food gone, but your spot. 😦 Sorry.

    You did a beautiful job documenting your last meal. It looks so beautiful.


  7. Long live Sushi Zone! We’re counting the minutes until Koji opens a new location, hopefully somewhere close. 🙂 You did them justice with your excellent photos and writeup. I’m so glad that we got to share this place together!


  8. What great shots! The food looks absolutely amazing. I’m from the West Coast out in Vancouver and sushi was something my wife and I loved. Where we live now it’s hard to find a good sushi place, so I understand what you had in the Sushi Zone!


  9. I don’t know how, but I somehow felt that the place is closing from reading the first few lines.
    What a torture absorbing your liveliness, bliss and appreciation to the place, and then end the post with sad ending!!!
    Great post! 😀


  10. Oh, my! That is sad indeed, when you favorite sushi place closes. Desolation!
    The sushi chef at the first Japanese place I ever went to for sushi, thirty years ago, was named —- Koji! At least you have wonderful memories, many in photo form.
    (Tell Sydney that in Japan most people eat sushi with their fingers. Fact.)


  11. Hmmm- Sushi. We were just discussing it today. Andy bought it out for lunch, because he knows that is the only way he is going to get it. However, he should have known better then to talk about it at home, cause Canaan, the older of my boys, was so jealous he actually asked me if I would make Sushi for him. As if! I can barely be around meat at all. The idea of deliberately rolling it into something while still raw…
    We are going to have to find a good place now. Because it seems that my children are carnivores like their father.
    Thanks for sharing your memories. I will have to show the beautiful pictures to Canaan. He will love them. And then insist that we really, really need to get him some sushi!


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