Delicious, Tasty, and just Right: The Mini-Cheesecake

Jake from the Sunday Post asked us for delicious this week. I’ve been on a delicious binge most of my life, so ask me for a delicious post, and that is what you will get. I may not like to cook (or be good at it), but I wielded a baker’s mitt from an early age.

Baking, for me, is associated with many happy memories. Mostly, with my step-dad. It was something we enjoyed together. I would create fabulous desserts of the third-kind; brownies with fudge sauce, chocolate pudding pies, and lop-sided cakes. And he would be the first one to taste them. Brave, brave soul.

That is true fatherly love.

We shared many a good spoon together, and usually, a great relief that the kitchen didn’t burn down.

This past Christmas, I got to spend a lot of time with my mother-in-law helping her bake all her Christmas favorites. Truth is, I observed more than I actually baked, but I have baked this recipe myself. Most recently as a belated birthday surprise for my daughter’s boyfriend Brandon, who LOVES cheesecake (as do I Brandon…as do I).

The crust is Vanilla wafer cookies set in the bottom of the cupcake holder.

Then, you mix the sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, and eggs in a blender. For me, the hardest part is getting the SUPER HEAVY blender down from the upper cabinet. The easiest part is flicking a switch, and not using more elbow grease.

Next, you fill the cups with the delicious mixture (3/4th’s of the way).

Put them in the oven for a little warmth of the 350-degree variety.

After fifteen minutes, or so, they will come out looking like this. And really? THIS is just FINE for those that don’t like a fruit topping. Peel and enjoy, or add something else to the top. Let you imagination run wild.

Traditionally, we use cherry-filling.

I like the cherry. It gives the cheesecake a pop of color and a tasty punch of syrupy goodness.

And that is pretty much it.


My friends…I introduce you to……


And no, this is not a secret family recipe, but if that makes it taste better (which would be hard to do), then maybe it could be (heh).

The recipe.

So, what do you think? Do you love cheesecake? Are you willing to try this recipe?

45 thoughts on “Delicious, Tasty, and just Right: The Mini-Cheesecake

  1. suzicate

    Ha, I’ve been on a delicious binge my whole life, too…is there any more delectable way to live? I’ve made those cheesecake cupcakes…easy and delish!


  2. Cheesecake is my most favorite non-chocolate dessert, and chocolate cheesecake is heaven for sure! I just might give this one a go one day when I’m in the baking mood.


  3. oops, you actually make it look easy!
    And all I (and my scale) need is cheesecake! But I may try it, Angelia. Don’t have the heavy mixer any more, gave it to DIL — so I’d have to use arm power — maybe that would burn off enough calories beforehand so I wouldn’t feel guilty. (ha ha)


  4. Angelia….they look BEYOND yummy!!!!

    I just finished eating my dinner and I’m full, but I could SO eat one of those!

    My weakness are sweets! If I could live off sweets and nothing else, I would. And yes…I adore cheesecake.

    I’m very much like you, I don’t like to cook but LOVE to bake.

    I need to try this recipe because it looks easy. And being someone who lives in Philadelphia, I think I could find some Philadelphia Cream Cheese – HA!

    Hope you had a FAB Monday!


  5. Yes, I love cheesecake. And no, I am not willing to try this recipe. I do not need a bunch of mini-cheesecakes sitting around (like that would ever happen, them sitting around, even for a second!) my house! No!


  6. This looks absolutely delicious! And I love me some cheesecake! Great way to get a little taste without the ridiculous calories. The only problem is how does one stop at just one.


  7. Love the mini cheesecake. Just the right amount of delicious indulgement. I have a weakness for sweets but I realized I can’t eat as much as I used to when I was younger. Bummer right? I grew up with 5 sisters and a mom who cooks awesome stuff, the came my wife who bakes just as good. Sweets are one of my little joys in life!


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