Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I’ll admit. When I first read the challenge this week, I knew right away what BIG thing I had visited in my recent travels.

This. The Mall of America. The second largest mall in the United States.

That’s right. Second. Isn’t that a surprise? I mean, it’s the MALL of AMERICA. You would think it would be the biggest. The greatest. The most spectacular. You would think if you could fit seven Yankee stadiums inside it, it would be. But alas…it’s not.


And I don’t really care……

Believe me, it is the biggest mall I have EVER been to. It is a marvel, and overwhelming, and really, truly AMAZING.

The incredible sights are never-ending and a Nickelodeon land of happy sits right smack in the middle. Who wouldn’t smile when Sponge Bob greats you in such a cheery way? Sponge Bob – we love YOU for who YOU are.

Can you see Sponge Bob in the far right corner now? This is the view from the third floor. There are FOUR floors. He got tiny, didn’t he?

A BIG target.

And look at this awesome place. THE LEGO STORE! And they have BIG Lego figures around it, and on top of it.

The Lego store dragon.

A world of Lego discovery.

And the biggest skateboard I have ever seen.

I spent about six hours in the mall. I walked around each floor, and only went inside a few stores, but get this. SIX HOURS – walking the floors – and I did not even get through them all. I had a floor and half left when it was time to catch the shuttle to the airport.


Actually, I am not a BIG shopper. I am not a typical girl, because shopping is NOT my thing. However, exploring is. Discovering interesting stores, and items on display. A fun park inside a HUGE mall. People watching, and just the overall WONDER of a place this big in the midst of Minnesota.

Well. It’s something. And I am glad I got a chance to go, and show it to all of you.

So, what do think of this BIG mall?

Know what else is big? The participation in the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by WordPress. Check out these entries and meet other big participants.

41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Stunning pictures of the mall. I have heard of the mall and I have seen pictures before; but never like yours! Brilliantly stunning!


  2. HOLY COW, Angelia….that is one BIG mall!

    I’ve seen pictures (online) of The Mall of Americas, but never THIS magnificent!

    Stunning images! The colors you captured are just WOW!

    I too am not a big shopper, but going to this mall seems more of an “experience” of just seeing it, than shopping. I would probably get so involved by all the visuals, that I would forget to shop – HA!


  3. In the olden days, we had amusement parks and fun fairs. Today we have malls that offer all the that former two offered and more. India is fast catching up with the world, but none this magnificent has yet been built. I loved the Lego house and its exhibits the best. Which then, is the biggest mall in America?


  4. You captured the mall beautifully. My daughter and I stopped there a couple of summers ago while passing through MN. It is indeed BIG. I bought a T-shirt. I felt I just had to buy something from this mall 🙂


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  6. Same thing in my motherland where most mall are 4, 5, 6 or even more floors high. I got culture shock before in Mississippi, they only have one level or the outlet mall because of hurricane threats. Even here in California, you still have to really go out and physical find over 3 level malls.

    The difference of what you’ve shown here compared to the one in Philippines … ours is so crowded with stores and in turn, too many people.

    LOVE Spongebob, I feel like I get hypnotized after watching.


  7. An amazing place to marvel and be awed indeed. You have me and my son with the Lego Store . Best one I have seen inside a mall…a big, big mall. My wife would thrilled I bet to see it as well. She enjoys the mall….it is a bit of her relaxing therapy. Stunning images and captured the ones that gives the best cheers and colors of all. Thanks. Best wished to you family.


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