The Little Shop of Costume Horrors

There is a crisp breeze to the air. Orange is the primary color of the month. And at every store corner is a jack-o-lantern with an evil grin.

It must be the season of the ghoulish ghouls. Mwahahaha!

A perfect time of year to take the little girls to the Halloween store and scare the wee out of them look at bloodcurdling costumes.

I mean, how scary can it be? It’s not like anything is real. Right, girls? Girls?

Heeeyyyy, I found an old friend (ha! punny!). Nothing to be frightened of girls. It’s just me, hanging with my buddy, he is an environmentally friendly fella. Heh.

By the way, the girls did NOT like my fella.

I think they said, “Get me out of here!” Or maybe it was, “Get away from that thing!”
I know there were some terrified glances, a few squeals, and then a mad dash. We lost them for a few minutes in their flee of terror. I am not sure why? Don’t they know they are not real? We kept trying to tell them…..

Dad didn’t help matters.

I finally found one of the girls just a few aisles over.

Ummmm….W-O-W. Back that thing up.

Let’s label this photo: too much booty for an eight-year old. And I’m really not sure why anyone would want to be a GIANT derrière for Halloween. I think there is enough of those this year, with the election and all. HA.

Maybe it goes with a Pirate costume…..

Anywho, I quickly led her to a different aisle.

And discovered this atrocity.


Is it wrong I think this is adorable? I just want to pick her up and give her a cuddle.

In a scary movie, I’d be asking for it dead.

In no time at all, the other child moved from body parts to head-gear. Isn’t that awesome? I think the Drama Queen shirt makes it so.

Pretty soon, the costume changes, and hair-raising antics were out of control. I had to rein them in to keep them from having nightmares.

Be still my darling children, and come to Step-Mama.

Oh yes, the little shop of costume horrors is, as entertaining, as it is horrendous.

Have you visited the Halloween store yet?

31 thoughts on “The Little Shop of Costume Horrors

  1. When my kids were little and we did Halloween, I most often made their costumes. But rarely did we live where there were a lot of choices, and we certainly never had a whole store devoted to costumes! Nowadays, our dark streets gets no trick-or-treaters, so we pretty much ignore the holiday. Except we do buy some candy. Just in case. You know? Love your having fun with the kids and the costumes – such a good mom!


    1. We don’t get trick-or-treaters either. 😦 But my step-daughters mom’s house gets TONS. I just want to work the door in that neighborhood and see all the cute costumes. She makes the girls costumes every year too.


  2. No, I normally don’t buy costumes because I have other things I would rather spend my money on. My husband’s ALWAYS buys a costume. So this year I was in Target I bought wings and a little skirt. I have to be able to dance in my costume so I don’t want to get to elaborate. My wings are blue, I couldn’t resist. And I will probably wear the skirt long after Halloween.

    Did any of you pick out a costume?


    1. We didn’t. It closed while we were browsing. The girls’ mom makes their costumes and has them every Halloween. We just like to look around. Jason and I don’t dress up. I was going to buy some Groucho Marx glasses just for fun. I’m sure we will go back for more “entertainment”. You will be soooo pretty in your blue wings! 🙂


  3. petit4chocolatier

    Love this! I would make the Halloween costumes, and loved the Halloween stores for the additions! It looks like you had so much fun!!


  4. We always had so much fun doing exactly what you showed here with our kids too, Wow it’s been a few since we did it but yet our grandson Benjamin will be in our grasp before you know it Ha Ha

    It looks like you all had a ball playing with the masks and enjoying each other, thanks for sharing.


  5. Angelia, this post made me SMILE and LAUGH because I am such a HUGE Halloween person!

    Oh, what FUN you had!

    I feel so blessed to come from family that always made such a big deal out of Halloween. In fact, I think my parents enjoyed it MORE than the kids!

    Great photos!

    “Ummmm….W-O-W. Back that thing up.

    Let’s label this photo: too much booty for an eight-year old.”

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Flawless!


    1. Hi Ron!

      That is awesome!! We love to have fun and I think that is what Halloween is about. Be a KID again! It’s not so easy to get away with that at Christmas as adults, but at Halloween. Oh yeaahhh! It’s on!


  6. Angelia, I found none of you scary. But yes I liked the last picture a lot. It made me laugh out loud. 🙂 I came to know about Halloween last year, just when I started blogging. I am sure you people are going to have a great time.:)


    1. Some are a little TOO hot. I had to get my step-daughter off a very risque aisle. I did not know those things could be costumes. WOW. I’m not ready to explain the bird and the bees. HA HA HA. But you mean sweaty hot……hehe.


  7. Haha…what a great post, Angelia! No, I don’t need to go to any Halloween shop…crazy obsessed friends usually have it all in their houses of horrors!! 😉
    Gone are the days of nice costumes and simple pumpkin decorations. Lol!!


  8. LOL this is such a fun post! Brings back memories of when my nephews were little and dressed up every year. One year, we stayed up nights stitching up a camel just to go with his Arabian costume. Now that he’s a teenager, I kinda miss those days. Your girls are adorable. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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