The Voice of a New Age.

As parents, we raise our children to the best of our ability. If they learn to feed themselves, clothe themselves, and all around be decent people of society?

Well, then we have done our job. And, thankfully, I did. My oldest daughter turned eighteen this year.

As her parent, I have to wonder. Did I give her a voice? Did I teach her the fundamentals of government, justice, and law? Does she know her voice matters? Even if that voice is small and young.

Raising her, I didn’t really think about the voting issue. I wasn’t taught much about it myself, or at least, I didn’t pay much attention if I was.

Would she? Would she wonder? Would she question? Would she speak up?

I hoped so. Despite the fact, as her mother, I am not known for my political expertise, or even having a dogged opinion.

I am not much on debating.

I watch, quietly.

I listen, attentively.

And in the end, I vote with my heart and pray with all my might.

Did I pass this on to her? I don’t know, but I do know one thing.

This year.

Her first year of age.

During a very important Presidential election vote.

She cast her ballot.

She lifted her voice.

And I am soooo proud of her.

What about you? Are you exercising your right to vote?

35 thoughts on “The Voice of a New Age.

  1. Angelia, I love the way you presented this post with photos and dialog in between.

    Well done!

    And just from reading the energy in words, I feel that you did an awesome job as a parent in raising her. You can be proud of both YOU and SHE because you’ve guided her by setting an example; empowering her to find her own voice.

    “I watch, quietly.

    I listen, attentively.

    And in the end, I vote with my heart and pray with all my might.”

    I’m the same way!


    1. I remember the first time I tried to vote. The lines were soooo long and I got intimidated and went home. It was many elections later before I was brave enough to try again. I always thought my one little voice didn’t matter, but it does, if only for me.


  2. You should be Proud, Angelia. I am very much sure you are a wonderful mother. You always pass on love and care with your words to us. So your daughter must be proud of having you in her life too. 🙂


  3. Having the ability to vote is a privilege that every person should not take for granted…congratulations on the most difficult task ever…raising up another good soul for the kingdom. 🙂


  4. You shared with your daughter a priceless treasure of being an American. To be heard, to think and make a difference. You also gave her something we all can learn from, “And in the end, I vote with my heart and pray with all my might.” Beautiful.


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