The First Signs of Christmas

I don’t know about you, but the first sign of Christmas for me is NOT the stocking of shelves in OCTOBER. For shame!

Nor is it the mad shopping flees of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Although, I wholly embrace pre-black Friday shopping. Heh.

But no, it is most certainly NOT those events.

For me, the true beginning of the Christmas Holiday is the hauling of the red and green tubs into the living room. Where every Santa and every reindeer gets placed on proud display while Christmas music plays in the background. Then, there is the ceremonious unraveling of the ornaments with oohs and aahs over every precious one.

Every surface gets covered in paper and tiny gold strings. Stockings are strewn by the chimney uncared. And Yes, even the dog is wearing her Santa hat.

And if it’s not that…..

Then maybe, it’s the twinkle from across the way…..

A neighbor’s joy of illumination. And not the Griswolds that decorated November 1st.

NOT those. But the ones…..

That are just starting to peek through the darkness……

If the sign isn’t the glimmer…. Could it be the glow? A circle of spirit, day or night, it’s the Wreath of Christmas Adorn. The one that jingles with tiny sleigh bells upon every open, and close. Proclaiming an Angel gets her wings or something like that…..heh.

Then we have the tremendously helpful, and most rewarding sign of all. The advent calendar.


It is the marking of every Christmas day. Weee! The opening of every little door to secrets and treasures – a true wonder of delight. Ohhhhh violating the nut cracker! Ha!

But that’s not all. Oh no.

The Herald of the Tree comes next.


When all the ornaments fall into place, and we stand in awe of her greatness. We bow on one knee in front of the camera on the tripod and look for presents.


Isn’t she a beauty?

Everything brightens in her presence.

The hearty cheer is unmistakable, and we clamor giddily over those circles of light bouncing off every reflective surface. Bokeh! Bokeh! Bokeh!

The tree is a messenger of Christmas in itself.

But do you know what my FAVORITE sign of Christmas is?

I bet you can guess…..

It’s Christmas in a cup.

That wondrous first cup of Starbucks Christmas blend. Oh yeaaaahhhh….


Good to the last drop.

And the hot chocolate ain’t so bad either.

That might have been hot chocolate in the cup. Shhhh!

No matter what sign you seek, or find. I do hope you are enjoying, the beginning, the middle, and the end of every Christmas celebration coming your way.

And if you haven’t seen Christmas yet………..Here’s your sign.

50 thoughts on “The First Signs of Christmas

  1. We, in the Philippines, start displaying the Christmas “spirit” as soon as -ber month hits. Here in Ventura, Cali, I haven’t felt it at all. There’s only that one house with glittering lights and that’s it. Well, your sign is a big reminder. Thank you for that.
    What a gigantic beautiful christmas tree!
    Enjoyable post as always. Merry Christmas. Too early? Oh well, and a Happy New Year. 😛


    1. The spirit hits here during our first cold front. The nip in the air causes a frenzy. Of course, then it goes back to 80 degrees. 🙂 I think it would be hard in California. Everyone would rather be at the beach than decorating trees. 🙂


  2. Once again, you’ve motivated me. Today is the day I’m going to get started. It’s been hard for me to decide just what I’m willing to do this year since I’m leaving on the 27th of December for Belize again. But you….and my grand daughters……make me think to do ‘nothing’ is unacceptable. Merry and blessed Christmas, Angelia. Your words and your photos add much to my life.
    I’ve shared your message on my facebook page.


    1. Glad to hear it my dear friend. I wouldn’t do too much if you will be away (ooohh laa laa Belize!). We only put up about half of what we normally do. It’s just enough though. I have saved Moonflower seeds twice to send to you. Once, my husband threw them away (by accident). The second time, I dumbly stored them in a plastic bag and they molded (and grew a bug). I think of you often and love sharing life with you! 🙂 I’ll be sharing seeds very soon, and I have yet to plant my four-o-clocks, but will in the spring. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment.


  3. I managed to get 3 of our… *cough* 8 trees up in the house, but none of the other decor. That’ll hopefully be going up tonight because we’re expecting snow and cookies must be baked tomorrow… no time to decorate when there is snow and cookies, dontcha know! Everything looks fabulous!


  4. Christmas in a cup, what a delight! I am thinking of starting to do a little decorating – although the past few years that’s what it’s been – a little decorating. Perhaps the tree will come in Friday. Or maybe even tomorrow!


  5. petit4chocolatier

    Gorgeous pictures and decorations!! Everything is absolutely beautiful. The colours are vibrant and stunning!! I am definitely in the mood for Christmas and Starbucks coffee!!


  6. Dang…you need to do my tree decorations! Seriously, that is one awesome tree!! I am so glad you posted this kick-me-into-gear-for- Christmas because I fear the lazy bug has bit me. 😦
    I’m going now to haul out the plastic bins…*sigh*


    1. Thank-you Shakti. It really is the journey, isn’t it? The journey of great joy as we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, and all that keeps our hearts shining as bright as those pretty lights. 🙂


  7. I love this time of year!! I have to say, we also have the red and green tubs but they haven’t made it out to our living room just yet. I did manage to get the house lights up yesterday, woot! 😀 Thank you for sharing.


  8. I am planning to decorate my house this weekend! I can’t wait after reading your post and seeing all those beautiful pictures. And I will definitely make some special Christmas blend green tea!


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