Wind in the Wings

I saw you today.

© Angelia's Photography

You soared over the treetops. Your sharp eyes locked mine as I watched the feathers on your breast ruffle in the wind.

You arced slowly above turning gracefully as you passed.

© Angelia's Photography

Entrancing me with your pose, you dipped, and paused for my gaze.

I knew you knew me. I knew you, too. Today, of all days, I wanted a sign. More than anything, I pleaded, let your spirit be known.

As it always is….in nature….in life….in everything wild and free.

And there you were, just as I hoped.

More majestic, and beautiful than I could ever imagine. But so perfect…so utterly perfect.

© Angelia's Photography

The wind called.

Greater heights beckoned.

You had to go.

© Angelia's Photography

Higher and higher to the heavens you must return.

I soaked in every moment with you. I watched. I followed. I wished for the wind to bring you back. Just once more by Dad, I have my camera ready now.

By then, you were just a speck in the sky.

I know, your spirit is like the wind in your wings. It takes you where you need to be.

© Angelia's Photography

You can no more deny your calling than I could stop the forces that call you.

But your beauty, your protection, and your message. It was not lost on me. And my soul yearned to fly with you.

I knew I would see you today.

If I just opened my eyes……and looked up.

Happy Birthday Dad. May your journey always continue.

I see you.

Gary L. Sims Dec 4, 1946-Dec 7, 2009

22 thoughts on “Wind in the Wings

  1. Beautiful words, Angelia. This piece of writing was straight from your heart. I am sure your Dad’s blessings are always with you and he is going to inspire you throughout this journey of life.


  2. Angelia, this post (both photos and words) touched me so deeply, having just lost my mother.

    And to share Kimberly’s comment….” simply perfection.”

    Thank you, my friend. Thank you!



  3. Sue

    Angelia, that is beautiful, I know your dad is with you all the time as I felt my mother watch me grow from the little girl she had to leave, but I felt her watch me grow and I never wanted to disappoint her. You are wonderful and I know your D
    ad is happy! Love you.


  4. What am amazing post, your words truly moved me.

    I always love images of birds, especially in flight! Perhaps it’s because I am plagued with bad luck when it comes to capturing birds! 😀

    Thank you for sharing.


  5. Touching… His spirit is always with you…

    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Happy Birthday to your Dad! .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥


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