Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved


They aren’t so bad….are they?

New year….

New start….

© Angelia's Photography

Just pass Go……at least until February. Heh.

Or maybe you don’t like to resolve, but prefer to live with purpose all year-long. Intent on succeeding at many goals and aspirations.

I suppose I am in-between both of those. I do believe in goals throughout the year, but I, also, kicked my worst habit by a New Year’s resolution (smoking in 2006).

This year, my missions are simple. Thanks for that word Suzicate .

Play more…

Laugh more…
© Angelia's Photography

Celebrate the little things…

And the big things…
©  Angelia's Photography

Be silly…

And never forget how much your family loves you…

See? That’s not so bad.

Hope you all had a fabulous New Year!

For more “resolve” check out The Daily Post at WordPress.com.

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Your resolutions are the best – the kind that make the most sense, if one is actually going to make resolutions. Some days I awaken with resolve – some days that resolve is just to let the day happen the way it chooses. Great photos – which is usual for you.


  2. For me, each new year, I try to stay conscious of what’s on in my life because every year my life seems to have a theme. So I just follow that theme and sorta embrace it. Last year it was “acceptance.”

    As always, Angelia, your photos BLOW ME AWAY!!!!

    The first one if the monopoly board is STELLAR! Your photos always have such a crisp and clean look to them.

    Brava, dear lady!


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  5. Play more and laugh more are definitely on my list as well! Beautiful photos, and the love and joy you have with your family really comes through. Thanks for sharing.


  6. petit4chocolatier

    Beautiful, beautiful post! Isn’t it amazing how board games bring families together? I love Monopoly and loved how you incorporated it into your loving and warm post. Your family is so lucky to have you. You are incredible and your kindness is seen throughout.


  7. Play, laugh and celebrate more what life has to offer…these are the secrets to a happy, fulfilling year plus a dose of generous love. What more can we ask for? Thanks for sharing a post inspires and help us see the blessings around us.


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