The Cold of Winter

Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while. ~Kin Hubbard

Yes, it’s still winter.

It will be still be winter tomorrow, and the next day. No matter how many sunny and 70-degree days happen to tease us come our way…..

It’s still winter.

© Angelia's Photography

And it’s still cold.

DSC_8470 copy

A blast of ice and snow hit the metroplex yesterday morning. It surprised me awake at 6am when my husband says those magical words we don’t often hear in Texas, “It’s snowing outside.”

Which means….I jerk awake, and jump out of bed, because I don’t want to miss it before it is gone. Plus, I might get some more snow pictures for my collection.

© Angelia's Photography

And I will admit, the snowfall itself is pretty weak, but the sleet…..THE ICE… is fierce. Thankfully, it doesn’t last too long. AND, it is not below freezing. Right at freezing, but not below.

© Angelia's Photography

Still…..I feel pretty bad for all the commuters. Iced overpasses are a real nightmare. And not many can drive across them, they more or less, skate and crash. Or go super slow and get stuck. It is quite the dance on sleety mornings. Trust me, I have done my time. Almost twenty years of commuting across the city. It is not pretty.

© Angelia's Photography

But the white crystals are pretty, at least, I like to admire them when I don’t have to commute. I have a new appreciation for the freezing rain and I view it through my lens.

I took photos in the ice and snow….before it melted away by noon.

Project 52 - Week 3 - Mini

And it DID melt, but not before I got my Project 52 photo. It’s a mini-snowfall for the mini-theme this week (and look there are mini-berries too). Lots of great entries this week on Flickr Ellenburg Photography Group for Project 52. Stop by or join in on the fun any time.

That is our week so far.

How is yours?

41 thoughts on “The Cold of Winter

  1. suzicate

    With the exception of a few days the temps have been fairly mild. No snow yet, and even though it’s pretty I won’t complain if we don’t get any this year!


    1. Really? Not even one wee little snowflake??? I don’t think we got *any* last year. And we have had three snows so far. Looks like a good winter for us. I wouldn’t mind a few more 70-degree days though.


  2. It’s been cold for our area. But I don’t mind it. It is cold, but safer than rain. Cold means more opportunities for snuggling. I am glad that you no longer have to brave the ice! Yay for working at home!

    I have yet to think of a “mini” shot for the Project . . . . hmmmmmm . . . . .


  3. Wow, you’ve gotten more snow in Texas this year than we have here in the northeast, Angelia. And can I be honest? I’m jealous because I LOVE snow!!!!!!

    I love the way it magically highlights everything with the look of white confetti!

    Like in your photos 🙂

    And as always, my friend…..AWESOME photos!!!!!


  4. Heard that it snowed more in Texas than in Chicago this winter. Then from the couple of days, it was more colder in San Francisco than it is in New York. Crazy, eh?
    Last night, I worked late night and outdoors. Yikes! I had like ten pieces of cold weather gears on me.


  5. Such gorgeous photographs and I absolutely love the quote about the weather as the king of conversation topics. Most of the snow in Toronto has melted but I am sure we’re in for some new snow 🙂


  6. The morning before, we walked out and it looked like a bean bag had exploded all over our cars. On the news, they called it “graupel.” I had never heard that word before. The snow was pretty…but I’m glad it didn’t stay around long, and the temps got above freezing again pretty quickly.


  7. pattisj

    Our snow failed to materialized. The projection of 1″ dropped to 1/2,” so we weren’t expecting much. None is even better when it comes to travel.


  8. Even if your are not too found of snow and winter, you were able to capture some beautiful pictures. Well done. I guess I come form a different world, and I love snow and winter and hope it won’t go away for some months yet…


  9. Ms. G

    Hot. Horribly, unseasonably. miserably, can’t wear all my awesome sweaters hot. Stop toying with me Angelia ; )LOL! MOTPG, the form won’t let me paste and I’m too lazy to type my web address!


  10. No wonder you like the snow and ice — it melted before noon! I might appreciate our snowy tundra expanse (24 inches of it!) if it would melt before noon —
    Even noon of three days from now!!!!!!
    But your photos ARE beautiful.


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