The Little Things

This week I have been anxious – chew my nails, fidget my feet – kind of anxious. Life changes so fast. The weeks are flying by…

Am I taking it all in? Do I spend too much of my time worrying about – all the things – I might be missing or not getting done?

I want to shout, “SLOW DOWN!”

But I know that wouldn’t help….life is happening….whether I have time for it or not.

So, I take a deep breath. And I notice…..the little things.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.”
– Robert Lynd

There is no over thinking. No time. Just the quiet rustle of feathers and flights.

I find when I look around in wonder, even the weeds have a fascination for me.

Pretty weeds in the heart of winter, who would have thought?

Thine eyes are springs in whose serene And silent waters heaven is seen. Their lashes are the herbs that look On their young figures in the brook. -William C Bryant

© Angelia's Photography

When I stop obsessing over time management and busyness, many things become apparently clear.

The sky, the moon, the colors and designs. So many more miracles in the ebb and flow, if we just stop and listen, and let life happen as it should.

There is no stress in nature. No worries. No clock. No calendar.

It just is….and it’s perfect that way.

Don’t miss the little things. Because you might find…….they are not so little after all.

Project 52 - Week 4 - Bare Minimum

All the things that truly matter beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace arise from beyond the mind. -Eckhart Tolle

These photos were taken by a park near my house while hiking with the family. I did use some Photoshop filters for a painted effect on a few. I am experimenting with art. Some of my work will be on display at the Arlington Museum in April. I have been trying to see what I like, and what might be wall-worthy. Any, and all input is greatly appreciated.

42 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Sue

    The pictures are lovely. They are God’s gifts to us. We all need to slow down and take in the beauty that is ours for the enjoyment. I tell my Sunday School kids that I stop for a second and say an extra prayer of thanksgiving for His lovely gifts when I see a bird or a lily. You did a great job!


  2. Beautiful photos and such a great reminder to cherish the moments and savor the memories as we pass through busy days. It’s easy to be overwhelmed so learning to find that minute of peace and enjoy it completely is a gift! 🙂


    1. Yes, a photography group I am in decided to rent the top floor. We all pitched in for wall space over the next few months. It’s pretty exciting. 🙂 If any prints sell, a portion goes to the museum.


  3. “So, I take a deep breath. And I notice…..the little things.”

    Amen! And I think we ALL get that way at times; forgetting to notice all the little, but beautiful sites around us.

    Angelia, your pictures always touch me. You are (and I will say this again) are so talented with the camera!

    That last one of the dandelion is beyond awesome. And so are the colorful weeds!

    Congrats on having your work displayed at the museum. And whichever ones you choose, they will love them!



  4. pattisj

    On display! Good for you, Angie! I like the quote by Lynd. It reminds me that we need to be quiet sometimes. I’m craving some of that right now! lol


  5. I don’t use any editors so sorry on my part. Amy, you sound better when you ponder on the little things. Your photographs are better too, looks well-prepared and presented. 😀


  6. Your photos always make me happy. Thank you for sharing your heart through them over these last few years. You seem like a real person, someone I have actually met, and we only have a small bit of blog interaction!
    Congrats on getting those pictures displayed. I am so proud of you!


  7. There is beauty all around us all time. It’s important to stop occasionally and look at it, I mean really look at it with your heart as well as your eyes. It’s hard to have a bad day when seeking beauty.

    Got here from Susie Lindau’s party. Woohoo!


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