How I Failed my Blog – Part One

I had big plans to post about my daughter’s 19th Birthday. Her LAST teenage year. Her beginning as a mom…..
© Angelia's Photography

Fail….Her birthday was May 6th. Luckily, I took a photo.

My next big blog plan was to post about Mother’s Day. I wanted to be all weepy as my daughter is becoming a mother and I am her mother. How I drove to Oklahoma for the day to see MY MOM. Then, spent Sunday with my other mom, Jason’s Mom. And of course to end it with photos of Sydney and me. I handed my camera to Hubby and had him photograph us for her weekly pregnancy photos AND Mother’s Day.

© Angelia's Photography

It was sweet.

© Angelia's Photography

But it never got posted.

I, also, did not post about my photography groups’ first reception at the Arlington Museum of Art. We had veggies, fruit, cheese, and crackers. Not nearly enough wine…like only an hour’s worth.

I bought this beautiful bouquet from Central Market. We put some of the flowers in little lens cup holders and set them on the table.

© Angelia's Photography

It was so incredibly cute. Of course, after the reception I took them home and enjoyed them another week. I think pink gerbers are my very favorite. Now, we have had our second reception. It was not near as crowded as the first, but lots of fun. Did I mention how beautiful all the photographs on the wall are?

How about how I failed at Spring? You know….the season of beautiful blooms. A nature photographer’s haven. Well, I took them. I took TONS of photos at my Momma Sue’s beautiful spring yard on Easter Sunday (I took some of the kids too – heh).

© Angelia's Photography

Her hyacinth bloom. A new edition to her potted plant collection.

© Angelia's Photography

Her gorgeous wisteria. A yearly favorite as they are always gorgeous and wisty.

© Angelia's Photography

The incredible clover. A favorite of the bees every year, and who knew clover was so pretty!

© Angelia's Photography

And most importantly, a BLUE BIRD!

I love blue birds.

And this is what I meant to show you on my blog…..but didn’t.

My last blog miss is from my staycation at the end of March. That’s right. I took a whole week and stayed at home….sort of….I kinda went to Oklahoma for my Mom’s birthday and I made lots of other plans and lunches too.

My stay at home week ended up being a busy one, but super fun. And over wayyyyy too fast.

But one of the things I did on my vacation was go to the Fort Worth Zoo. A favorite place of mine. I happened to catch this little Road Runner at feeding time. I must say I have never seen a bird SO proud of his dinner “catch” in my whole life. He pranced around and around to every window showing off his find and shaking his tail feathers.

I’m sure many will think it gross, but I thought it was so funny. Not to mention, he is a beautiful bird, with or without mice in his beak.

© Angelia's Photography

© Angelia's Photography

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the second part of How I failed my blog…..

It may include…anniversaries….and more zoo photos.

17 thoughts on “How I Failed my Blog – Part One

  1. SuziCate

    Never consider living life a failure; it’s much more important to live the moments than to post about them…and it looks like life is good!


  2. Angelia, you NEVER fail your blog, my friend! The was a stellar post!

    Faaaaaaaaabulous photos! Especially loved the ones of you and your daughter!

    And I don’t know how you do it, but your flower photos are always so full of color and clarity, and at the same time…soft and delicate.

    LOVE the photos of the bird with the mice in his beak. What an amazing capture!

    *two thumbs up*

    Have a super week, Angelia!



  3. pattisj

    You were just saving it all for us, weren’t you? I love those roadrunners! I guess I’d rather see it with the mice than find them somewhere else. They’re just babies! Good shots. Happy belated birthday to your daughter, and happy Mother’s Day wishes to both of you. Our daughter had her first at 18, and liked being a mother so much, they’ve added six more. 🙂


  4. heehee – you sound like me. I finally got a real blog up about why I haven’t been blogging. We’ll see how that goes, but now I have time to touch base with other bloggy friends 🙂 The photos are beautiful & what lovely memories!!!


  5. I have been failing at blogging lately too. It must be in the air. I hope you (and me too) post more often soon. I love seeing all your pictures. I am so excited for your baby girl- fun fun fun!


  6. Wow beautiful pictures!! Especially the ones of the road runner..that’s beautifully captured!! u r really lucking to have caught him at feeding time!!! 🙂


  7. Sounds like you didn’t fail YOU!! …and hey what’s more important??? You’ve captured some beautiful moments in your life… When you have time you’ll share them with us…and we’ll be here!


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