The Summer of Swim

I learned to swim when I was three years old. Mom took me and my brothers to Wintersmith Pool for swim lessons. Oh, they were eaarrrrly on Summer morning, but once we got in the water, none of us cared. Lucky for me the tadpoles did not last long and I paddled my way up to ducks. My brother skipped ducks all together. They put him in intermediate class because he could swim across the Olympic-size pool…at five.

This pool had one of those super high-dives. We all jumped off it. We swam and swam and swam. Mostly underwater, which is still my favorite way to swim.

I love swimming. There is something about the cool deep blue that tucks you in. Silencing your thoughts in the deep quiet. Illuminating wonder by the cascading rays of light. And then the sheer challenge of swimming. Who can go the farthest, the fastest, and with the least amount of breath.

When I was ten, we moved to a house with a pool AND a spring diving board. With my birthday in the summer we had the best pool parties and I had the BEST summers. For me that is what summer was all about – swimming. Every day. Back and forth the length of the pool. Backwards, forwards, and upside down. I could spend hours by myself making up games, dives, and flips all the while swimming, swimming, swimming.

I think that is why I love summer so much. Yes, it is HOT. It is cloudless, and dry. The grass is crunchy brown. My flowers hate me, and the mosquitos….ugggghh!

Despite ALL that, I still love it. Because summer means swimming.

Sydney learned to swim at three as well. A self-taught little booger. I don’t even know how it happened. All I know is we were walking in the shallow water of the kids pool. I look down and she is swimming right along – underwater.


I’ve been bummed that the little girls haven’t learned to swim. This last summer, they had to have floaties, and arms near-by. They would hardly take them off even in the shallow. Neither of them would go underwater. At! All! Didn’t want to get their face wet, or chlorine in their eyes.

Ohhhh, it was maddening, but I knew when they were ready and with instruction. Those girls would swim. And they would LOVE it.

It took two lessons.

Day 1 – Not loving the water so much.

Day 2 – Swimming under water.

Day 3 – More swimming under water and we have photos by my dear friend Tammy (it’s her beautiful daughter doing the lessons).

And with that, I declare this year The Summer of Swim!

Drop your life vests. It’s go time.

Yay, girls!!!

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H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession. ~Author Unknown

11 thoughts on “The Summer of Swim

  1. ” I learned to swim when I was three years old.”

    Angelia, that is AMAZING! OMG…I don’t think I learned how to swim until I was either 11 or 12 years old. I had such a fear of water, which is odd, because I now love swimming and water. In fact, water is my favorite element.

    My family joined a country club, which my mother would take us kids to the pool during the summer. That’s when she enrolled me in swimming classes to get over my fear of water. Later, I was actually on the swim team, can you believe that?

    Fabulous slide show! Your daughter looks so much like you!

    Loved the quote!



  2. I am very happy for your family. Maybe Mom loving to swim has something to do with it????
    After long and hard struggle I finally managed to float. A little. That’s about it.
    Mel Brooks as The Thousand Year Old Man (being interviewed by Carl Reiner) said something to which I really relate:
    Swimming? Hmmm, I wasn’t so good at swimming. Drowning, now I was very good at drowning.


  3. You sound like my middle daughter. Lived in the pool for years. Hardly knew what she looked like dry : )
    Learning to swim-super important. Glad they took to it!


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