Waiting for Baby

If you can believe it, we are on the last two weeks before my daughter becomes a mom and I become a Grammy. It all zoomed by so fast…….

This YEAR zoomed by so fast.

I don’t even know what to say……but wow!

Our beautiful cousins hosted her baby shower at the Church Jason and I got married in. They made all the decorations and put it all together. They did an amazing job. It was a wonderful shower with lots of family and friends.

I have not been doing much photography lately (aka…I’m rusty!). There has just been too much going on. I visited my sister for her 50th birthday end of June. We had the girls for the month of July. I’ve helped Sydney shop and get rooms ready. Baby has a place here and at her boyfriends, but Sydney is official living at his house now.

Through my hidden tears while she packed, I told myself this is what kids do. They grow up and move out. In my head I am so proud of her, but my heart misses her more than anything. I get the empty in empty nesters now. It’s not a room that is empty, it is a place inside your soul.

But she is opening a new and exciting chapter and I am so happy for her. Motherhood! I have watched her week to week grow and change – both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy is an amazing transformation.

So, here we are. All ready for baby…and now we wait.

29 thoughts on “Waiting for Baby

  1. Sydney

    Woo hoo first to comment! The waiting game is tough. Can’t believe you waited 10 1/2 months for me. Glad you got the pics finally posted. Love n miss you ❤


  2. Yaaaaaaay you posted! Angelia, it’s so ironic but I was just thinking of you this past weekend and missing your posts. And VIOLA! You posted!

    What AWESOME photos!

    I can FEEL you excitement and anticipation, as I would be too.

    Love, love, love that photo of the different size shoes!


    Wishing you and your family the very best!

    Have a super week, my friend!



    1. How sweet Ron! Thank you for thinking of me. Every Thursday, I think I am going to post! And every Thursday it whizzes by with no post. UGH. I am coming to realize I have an aversion to my desk because I work at the same desk all day. I am now begging for a lap top. 🙂 I have been following your adventures in New York and loving your new camera. 🙂


  3. Oh my! Beautiful photos. It’s hard waiting. We have 5 weeks before Killian is due to make his appearance, and I’m so amazed by the differences in Molly’s second pregnancy. I’m so happy for you, you will love being a grandma. I sure do!


    1. Thanks Patti! I really thought I had the college years to get through and be more prepared when it happened but life had other plans. I guess I should have known. I grew up way too fast as well and moved out at 17yrs old. 🙂 Paybacks?


    1. Thank you so much! I actually need to get my hospital camera bag ready! I plan on doing the labor and delivery photos for them. I have been reading up where to stand and what lenses to use. I am hoping the photos will be something precious they can cherish for years and years. 🙂


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