Her First Mother’s Day

I remember my first Mother’s Day. My daughter had just been born. A soft and tiny miracle. I inhaled her fresh baby scent and enjoyed being a Mom for the first time; a mere two days after she came into our life.

My Mom brought me a little corsage to wear that Sunday. I even kept it, all dried up, with my daughter’s baby keepsake things.

And now, twenty years later, I spend her first Mother’s day with her, her daughter, and my Mom-in-law (who I call Mom too!). As in… she is my Mom, too.

We visited the beautiful Weston Gardens in Bloom in Fort Worth, Texas. We sat among the flowers and listened to harp and violin music play. The notes sounding even more classical in the setting. We sipped on a variety of teas and nibbled on cookies. We even got to pick out a free Mother’s Day plant for being there. A gift to remember…to nurture and take care of. No wonder they gave them to Moms.

I have to say…this place is gorgeous. Every area you go to is like a different room in a different garden. I would love to go back before it gets super hot to explore some more. I really only scratched the surface of this place.

I took some photos of Sydney and Averey. Nothing formal as Sydney worked earlier in the day and she is still wearing her “uniform”.

But I didn’t want to forget her first Mother’s Day with Averey. And my heart soared a bit that she shared her special Mother’s Day with her own Mom, too.

© Angelia's Photography 2014

I’d say it is a tradition we haven’t missed yet. Twenty years, if you are counting…

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I hope you hugged a Mother (or two).

14 thoughts on “Her First Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Angelia: Great pictures, as always! I’m sure, as a mom, nothing gives you as much pleasure as seeing your daughter being a mom to her baby. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I lost my mom three years ago, but I’m grateful to have spent time with my stepmom on Sunday.

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    1. That is so sweet you spent time with your stepmom. 🙂 My mom isn’t gone, but she is a little lost now. Having some mental challenges and living in an assisted living home. I miss having a regular mom but at least she is here. Watching my daughter is wonderful. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. ” We sat among the flowers and listened to harp and violin music play. The notes sounding even more classical in the setting.”

    Angelia, between your beautiful photographs and the way you described that, it looks and sounds like you had SUCH a delightful Mother’s Day!

    I love photo of the water lily/ lotus flower – gorgeous!

    And the photos of your daughter and Avery pretty much says it all….LOVE!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed!


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