For the Love of All Things Cake

It happened. My Grand baby turned ONE. My heart both soars and breaks at the same time.
© 2014 Angelia's Photography
The first year is truly a miracle. The accomplishments, the growth, and the sheer magnitude of it all. She got her first tooth a month earlier. She can stand and cruise pretty good, but not quite walking yet. She is eating regular food. She can say a few words very clearly (and usually loudly). Laughs at her own jokes, and is obsessed with modem/stereo lights.
© 2014 Angelia's Photography

She LOVES Minnie Mouse.

That still amazes me even though the same thing happened with her mother (who loved Pooh Bear). How can someone so small can know exactly what they are crazy about? Do you know what else she is crazy about?


Pure sugar and icing cake.

This girl loves it.

DSC_2832cvrtcopy copyWM
And of course she would.
DSC_2841cvrtcopy copyWM
She even dropped her chip for it.

The party turned out fantastic. Lots of friends and family came to celebrate this precious mile stone.

My husband and I started renovating our house mid-July. All the carpet removed from the main rooms and tile installed. We worked regular jobs in the day and spent nights on our house. Every summer show we normally watch is still sitting in the DVR. I’m not sure if that means we watch too much summer TV or if house reno is a lot tougher than it looks on TV. Probably…a little of both. Thank God for Jason’s step-dad and his friend Bob that did the floors for us.

We were able to get the kitchen wall paper removed. Then those walls textured and painted (as well as the living room). All the kitchen cabinets and doors painted. Most of the trim painted and put back on (even added trim to a window). And almost all the tools, compressors, paint cans and left-over trim on the back patio moved into the garage in time for the party.

It was a whirl-wind.

It was crazy.

It was so worth it.

There were lots of adorably cute girl babies.

Lots of burgers, and hot-diggity dogs.

Way too much food and cake.

And just a fabulous birthday all the way around.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography
Of course it was.

I wouldn’t have it any other way for my big and so so little grand girl. She is a treasure and a gift.

We did take a break the day before for a family dinner on my birthday. Yes, I had a birthday too.

But as it goes, she is still the best present I could ask for, and celebrating her first birthday made my 43rd just as memorable.

Like icing on our favorite cake.

Mmmmmm, cake.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

22 thoughts on “For the Love of All Things Cake

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Grand Baby!

    Angelia, the Minnie Mouse cupcakes and cake are so ADORABLE! I can’t get over the size of that little birthday cake, it so precious!

    I love the photo of she and her girlfriends sitting there together. They look like they’re having a fun and fabulous “girl talk.”

    Also, that first photograph of her wearing the jewelry and eating the cake is STELLAR!

    You got some wonderful shots, Angelia!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ron! We did a cake smash photo shoot the weekend after the party. She wasn’t as happy as she usually is, but we got a few good ones in my little make-shift studio. All those girls babies were just TOO CUTE. I was in heaven.


    1. That wasn’t planned. We did it all very spur of the moment! Lol! The bracelet on her right hand was my mother’s bracelet as a baby. Myself, my daughter, and now Averey have all had our photo taken with it as babies. Thank you! She is so sweet!


  2. Colleen Fraser

    Ok so renovation done for the main part… now I think its time for you to tackle an addition to the house and get yourself a “proper” studio to continue these gorgeous photos you take!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You shush! Reno is not done for the most part. We just made the place party-friendly! HA. We are taking a “break”. We hope to start back this weekend. We still have to seal the floors (ugh!). And start on the wallpaper in the entry way (double ugh!!). And I would love to make a garage studio. It is probably the only place it would work. 🙂


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