12 Years a Companion

Twelve years is a long time. Many things can happen; three moves,a divorce,a re-marriage, two bonus girls, and a grandchild. So much life in those 12 years. So much joy, pain, and celebrations.

Every year, I think, this could be it.

Her last one.

The one in which I say good-bye to my old friend. The one in which I am ready. Am I ready? I think so. I don’t want to see her hurt and in pain. Each year her hips get a little more stiff. Her breathing a little more labored. And her naps a little more deep and long.

I tell myself when she is not interested in eating anymore, then I will know it is time.

But that hasn’t happened.

I am not sure it will happen. This girl lives by her stomach.

And so we celebrate #12! We give her pats and frosted dog cookies. We sing happy birthday.

We celebrate our most faithful companion.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

And watch for signs…that those old bones won’t go another day.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

Of course, your friends are here. To keep your spirits high.

And your newest friend, in which, there are many mixed feelings about.

Probably because, she steals the show. And she is quite a pest (Mya the Terrible).

At least it is not your tail she declared World War III on (yet).

Old Dog

Why do you stay so near?
Go lie in the sun and drowse.
You needn’t follow my every step,
And jump up when I appear.
Your joints are stiff;
You’ve earned a rest;
Lived your life well;
Passed every test.
And now you’re very dear.

Old dog.
Why do you stay so near?
You lie close to my side
Each time I pause,
Head in my lap, alert to hear
Every nuance of my voice. You long ago made your choice
And never once looked to the rear.

Old dog.
Why do you stay so near?
What is it that you hear?
A far-off call, coming closer,
That I, too, know is there?
With each day our time together
Draws nearer to its end.
Please stay a while, old friend

by David the Dogman


Happy Birthday, Salem Dixie! Twelve years is a lot of duty, a lot of love, and a lot of heart.

Cheers to my best in show, my sweet companion, and my first doggy love.

31 thoughts on “12 Years a Companion

    1. What’s really funny is she is truly a first fur child. I have ALL her paperwork saved. TONS of photos and we celebrate the day of her birth EVERY year. Somehow, I can’t seem to remember the birthdays of the other kids. LOL.



    “Cheers to my best in show, my sweet companion, and my first doggy love.”

    Angelia, I loved that! As well as your photographs. Great captures of Mya and tail. 🙂

    Beautiful poem!

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  2. This one hit so close to home, because my Bailey (a black lab/border collie mix, she looks a lot like Salem) will be 11 in November and is showing so many signs of her age. The vet says she has the worst hips and elbows he’s ever seen and she too moves with difficulty too often and sleeps more deeply and for longer periods. The poem brought tears to my eyes.

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  3. Cheers to another good year. It such a tough thing, knowing your dog isn’t immortal. My girl’s muzzle is getting pretty white and, while she’s only seven, it’s hard to think that she won’t be with me forever. I hope your girl has a number of good years yet to come.

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  4. Laura Bloomsbury

    heart warming post – can see tiredness in her eyes but a wet nose, family love and a kitten cat to play with one’s tail, that’s the best part of a dog’s life.

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