Getting Back to Normal

Or back to whatever this thing called life is….full of wonder, surprise, and perseverance.

I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown

My wonderful daughter and almost son-in-law brought me a balloon, flowers, and my favorite chocolates the day after surgery.

What an incredible surprise.

And do you know? It did make me feel better.

The beautiful flowers, and colors. The well-wishes. The good thoughts. And really? My favorite chocolate. I couldn’t eat anything before or after surgery, but by golly, I could eat those chocolates. Oh yes, I could!

Surgery was as horrible and not-as-horrible as I expected. Horrible in the way of FOUR incisions into my body, anesthesia blues, and the souring of my appetite (forever?).

The not-so-horrible in the way of removing a very dead, and non-working gall bladder. One that would have very soon begun poisoning my body. I thank GOD they did not wait until after Thanksgiving to remove it.

Also, not-so-horrible, the very real, and valuable advice of my older sister. She told me to ask the anesthesiologist for a patch behind my ear. She swore it would help with nausea when coming out of surgery. I asked and he gave. I have to tell you. Not being sick after surgery? Not having nausea? Not wanting to puke your guts up? When your guts are already in distress?

The BEST advice I have ever received. Even the recovery room nurse was shocked. She proclaimed EVERY gall bladder surgery should require the patch, because of how good I came out.

Apparently, this type of surgery causes more illness than normal due to removing part of the digestive system. So, truly amazing not to feel sick. Not at all. I felt bloated, and sore, and not hungry at all. But sick? No.

I wore that patch for three days. It’s a lifesaver. If you ever have surgery, ask for the patch.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

The rest of the week, I spent with dogs (and sometimes kitty) lounging around my legs. Watching TV, dozing off, and just trying to rest. I thought I would blog and not mess up my “challenges”. But man, just the thought of sitting up and being at a desk gave me chills. I didn’t want to move much. And although, I wasn’t sick from the surgery medicine. I did not have any type of appetite. I couldn’t eat at all.

I’m not big on mobile blogging. I could do it from my Google pad or my iPhone, but it’s really hard for me. It is the keyboard, I think, plus the pain meds and what not. Who knows what I would have written? Heh.

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

So, I took time to heal and get better. And you know what? I did. It was surprising to see by the end of the week, I could stand up, and sit down as if nothing had happened. I still felt weak. My appetite still lacking, but the wounds were healed up. How amazing is that?

I made plans to go back to work. I left myself a day to get paperwork done. I probably should have given myself more time on that one….because Sunday I ended up super sick. All the bragging about not being sick from anesthesia? Yeah. Well…I got the stomach bug of all stomach bugs. If I stood up, I threw up. And my “day” to do paperwork went to getting over the worst stomach flu (with fever) of all time. Basically, just when I starting getting my appetite back, I lost it again.

It’s still gone, but if you want to bring me chocolates?

The paperwork is still in never, never land. I don’t understand (the red tape!) why if *I* want to go back to work, why can’t I? Do they really need a Doctor to tell them it is okay? A busy Doctor that doesn’t have time for eight pages of forms. One that has a hundred other patients with forms stacked up in their office. Not to mention that mine went out-of-town for his Dad’s surgery. I have called. I have emailed. I’m not sure what else I can do. It is a little daunting to be off-work and unpaid right before the holidays. It would be different if I had some paid time off. But I don’t. Not any. None.

I’m annoyed. I’m antsy. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready for a normal schedule.

Shouldn’t I know more than anyone if I am ready?

© 2014 Angelia's Photography

So, I stop to smell the flowers. I stop and wait for clearance. Maybe, I think I am ready, but the delay is for my own good?

And you know? Despite the paperwork, the bug, and the recovery?

Every day is better.

The beautiful flowers don’t hurt either.

Thank-you for all the prayers and good thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Getting Back to Normal

  1. While the lack of income is troublesome, perhaps this is all for the best. Perhaps there is a reason for the delay and you will be better off because of it. So relax and enjoy – says she who is the queen of being impatient and very bad at waiting.

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  2. jennibean

    I had my gallbladder removed as emergency surgery in 2003. I stayed out of work for 2 days and then went back working 1/2 days for a week before back to full time because I felt I was ready. I never even went on disability. I will tell you that was a huge mistake. I wish I had taken more time to heal up. I didn’t have any relapses or anything bad but boy was I weary every day for probably longer than I would have been if I just took a bit of extra time. Take advantage of you time, my friend. Your doctor will get your forms signed off in due time and you’ll be back to the daily grind before you know it! Hugs!!

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    1. I thought two weeks off was good planning. I knew two days (or the weekend) was not enough. I heard of people pushing through and i just don’t understand. The body definitely needs time to heal. And i have learned that applies more to the inside than out. What is getting me is feeling a little depressed over laying around. Ugh. Gotta get over that. Thanks, Beanie!


  3. Whoa! Sounds like you’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster ride with all the ups and downs and stomach issues included! I hope you are feeling better very soon. Until then, try and enjoy the delay, find a good book, and relax, before you know it, you will probably be wishing for an “off day”. Oh, and it’s true…flowers and chocolate are ALWAYS good! 🙂

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  4. Angelia, you have been on my mind for that past five days because I’ve been wondering how everything went with your surgery, so I was very happy to read your update.

    Glad everything went well and that you’re feeling better. GREAT idea your sister had about the patch!

    “So, I stop to smell the flowers. I stop and wait for clearance. Maybe, I think I am ready, but the delay is for my own good?

    And you know? Despite the paperwork, the bug, and the recovery?

    Every day is better.”

    Great attitude, my friend! Sending you LOTS of positive energy for continued recovery…

    ((((((((((((((((((((((( You )))))))))))))))))))))))


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  5. You have really been through it! But apparently, YOU ARE A TROOPER! Family and chocolate and – AH – chocolate helps, but you’re the one who got through this with flying colors. Get totally better and better and better, and then you’ll be back to being the best! ❤️

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    1. Yes, they get really sick. The body does not like the medicine they use to knock you out. I am not exactly sure what the patch is. I think it is what they use for sea sickness or car sickness. It goes behind the ear and keeps you from getting sick when in motion. You wear it for three days. Apparently, it works with the anesthesia too. Pretty cool. I get sick on cruises too. I will have to get one if I ever go on another. 🙂


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