Another Happy Birthday New Year

Yes, I married a New Year’s Eve baby. I fondly call him the last gift of the year. He dislikes that his birthday is the same day everyone is partying for a different reason. I suppose he has a point…

BUT, we do make the best of it. We don our hats. Present our gifts over dinner and cake. Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the top of our lungs. From morning to almost midnight is birthday, birthday, birthday!

Then, we quickly switch out hats for the countdown to midnight.

Phew! What a rush.

A good Happy Birthday, Happy New Year kind of rush.

So far this year, I have eaten a BIG BOWL of black-eyed peas.

I have driven my new car – every day. See, I bought a car on my husband’s birthday. Well, I leased it.

We planned on using one car for the next three years and that is why I traded my car in a year ago. It did work out the last year. There were a few challenges. The break-in hit me especially hard. No car in the driveway…but really, that wasn’t the only reason to get a car. There were many. It was time and I needed it.

I didn’t think my credit would be good enough to lease, but lo and behold.

A brand new car!

I love it.

So, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family to yours!

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

2015 – Be good to me.

How is yours going so far?

17 thoughts on “Another Happy Birthday New Year

  1. Sue Kelcey

    Hope you are feeling better! Glad Jason had a good birthday! Tell him I am sorry for the New Year Eve birthday! I would have waited if I had thought of the difficulty this would bring. I thought of it as the best of the year! Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 14:22:09 +0000 To:

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  2. don’t know why your husband don’t like it, but i envy him. Having a birthday on new years eve means that everybody celebrating it, with the fireworks and all that stuff. LOL
    Happy Birthday to your husband 😀

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  3. “We don our hats. Present our gifts over dinner and cake. Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the top of our lungs. From morning to almost midnight is birthday, birthday, birthday!”

    That is AWESOME, Angelia! 🙂 I think it’s so cool that your husband’s birthday is on the same day of New Years because it like the whole WORLD is celebrating his birthday with him!

    As always, faaaaaaaabulous photographs! You can really feel the joy and love your family has for one another!

    And hey, nice set of new wheels! And it’s my favorite color…black!

    Happy New Year, my friend. And Happy Birthday to your husband!

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  4. There’s nothing like driving a new car! Glad you were able to get yours. I’m sure your hubby’s parents were delighted to have their bundle of joy in time to claim him on the taxes that year. 😉 Our daughter has three January kids, two the first week.

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