When a Mockingbird Calls

I think you must answer…

When walking by our big window, I noticed the cat notice some back-yard birds. She rushed to the window sill and crouches for the attack. Pretty sure, she forgot about that thing called glass. I laughed at her and then looked to see what visitors we had.

And there he/she sat. All prim and proper in the holly bush. For this post and lack of bird anatomy, I will call her she. As SHE was very dainty, and soft. She seemed to enjoy the soft rain. I wanted to go get my camera, but I knew as soon as I did she would fly off.

But she didn’t.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

It’s been raining here. And when, I walk from the office to the kitchen. There she is. Enjoying the rain. I didn’t see her get throaty or sing-song. She seemed fairly quiet for a mockingbird. She didn’t seem to mind when the dogs were let out or I peeked at her from the window.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

I made a Bob-White whistle and she dove into the bushes. Only to emerge after checking to see if the coast was clear. I guess she met one too many of those fellas.

© 2015 Angelia's Photography

So this was our rainy day excitement. A little Northern Mockingbird visit.

Isn’t she sweet?

14 thoughts on “When a Mockingbird Calls

    1. Ohhhh, I forgot about that! I’m a little behind in my Texas history since I grew up in Oklahoma. But yes, I read the mockingbird is one of the 10 most common backyard birds for the Dallas area.


  1. pattisj

    Love these birds. If it starts singing by early spring–it’s a male. He usually scopes out the territory, builds a nest, then finds a female, and hopes she approves of the accommodations. 🙂 If your holly has berries, it may be eating them. They typically nest at eye level, and they do like hollies for that, too.

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    1. Yes, this bush has berries and it is quite a plush little spot. I’m sure the real estate is prime. Although, we have seen a few rat snakes in the area at times. :-/ But we had house finches in the bush one year and the shelf of our patio the next. Robin’s in an old grill left out. I think the birds like our yard. I told my husband he needs to put up a bird bath and feeder. I’ll set my tripod up and get LOTS of pics. 😀

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  2. Cute, yes, so cute. Until they decide to shout out every sound they have ever heard in the too early hours of the morning from a tree just outside my bedroom window. That was in California – I’ve never seen any of them here.

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    1. My sister had one too. SUPER LOUD. Luckily, I can’t hear birds in this house. Sometimes I hear a caw from the office, but that has been it. I guess it’s well-insulated or I am deaf. HA HA.


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