After a Dark and Snowy Week…

The sun comes out to blind me to brighten our days.  But the snow, and ice (which is still snow to Texans) was a fun and dramatic change from our sunny 60’s (sometimes 80’s!) winter.

The Dallas metroplex is one of those areas when the weatherman says, “Snow.”

We say, “Yeah, right!”

And when he still says, “SNOW!”

We say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Well, we believed! We believed last week and we believed this week. The magical ice and snow and allllll the blustery cold things happened. We broke out the gloves and scarves. We made chili (well, my sweet hubby made super, yummy, delicious chili). And most of the household had many wonderful snow days away from the office and school.

Except for me…because…I work for a travel agency. Even better, I supervise the EMERGENCY SERVICE Department of said travel agency. And what do you know? Snow storms and flight cancellations seem to top the #1 EMERGENCY of travelers. Huh.

But you know, with the skidding and sliding of planes off runways and such. Yeah, that. It’s kind of important that they CANCEL these precarious flights, lest you end up crashing into a ditch, screaming as you plunge down a blow-up slide while highly flammable jet fuel LEAKS nearby. So not the winter vacation you were hoping for. This is why I am happy to work snow days and keep you extra safe. You’re welcome.

But fingers crossed, someone has snuffed out that darn ground-hog and it WILL FORtheloveofGODplease be Spring real, real soon.

In the meantime, enjoy my lovely (and rare) SNOW photos. It happened. It really did.

28 thoughts on “After a Dark and Snowy Week…

  1. That’s the irony I find sometimes, about people who get into an uproar about flights cancelled when it snows. There’s a good reason and it’s exactly that, safety. But! folks don’t appreciate the caution.

    Beautiful photos btw! especially your lab looking curiously at the falling snow 🙂

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  2. I love that you are so enchanted by the snow! As a New Englander, in Maine, we have enough snow and are still anticipating more. You are welcome to bring a big ole truck and take as much as you like. My front door has 3 ft of snow in front of it, the snowbanks are taller than I am, and if we never see another shovel it will be too soon. LOL It’s been a long winter…but I love your enthusiasm!!

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    1. Funny you say that! I believe we had a few trucks head up to help haul some of it away. They left from Dallas. And no, I like the one and done snow we get to enjoy. My step-daughter’s mama is from New England and all her family have been posting pictures on Facebook of the snow up to the top of the back fence. I don’t think that’s a good thing. LOL.

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      1. I had a door I couldn’t open all winter long, and I still don’t think it is over. We always get a blast around April vacation, just before or after, so the kids get an extension! Enough is enough!!!


  3. I absolutely love this post. First of all, you included pictures of a dog which is always going to capture my heart. But then I was one of those people scheduled to fly through Dallas on Sunday. My flight was cancelled and I did not make it home until Tuesday. The irony to me was that Wisconsin to where I had flown is not the place that had the weather issues, but it was Dallas. I know you get your share of winter weather but I would have assumed that if I had travel trouble it would have been on the Wisconsin end. How wrong I was.

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    1. Yes, and especially today, you would be right. At least, I know they were getting snow again! Poor things. You definitely don’t want to be in Dallas during ice. It’s horrendous. I visit Wisconsin just about every year. The company I work for has a headquarters there. 🙂 The early spring is just gorgeous.


  4. ” But the snow, and ice (which is still snow to Texans) was a fun and dramatic change from our sunny 60’s (sometimes 80’s!) winter.”

    Angelia, that’s exactly how it was for me when it snowed (one time) while I was living Florida. Yes, it actually SNOWED! Even now, here in the Northeast, whenever it snows I still get all excited. We didn’t get much snow this winter, other than last week, but I was so happy!

    Great photographs! I especially love the ones of your dog and cat looking at the snow with a childlike wonder!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

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  5. Aw such beautiful photos! We get no snow here in LA…so even the slightest bit of snow I get excited to hear about! 🙂 And good to know you’re keeping all of those snow travelers safe! That plane crash description sort of stopped my heart a little bit, hahah. Have a great weekend!

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