Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

The kind folks at The Daily Post at WordPress challenge us photographers to be eerie this week. And that challenge takes me to the most eerie place I know – The Baker Hotel. Located about an hour from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in a town called Mineral Wells (and yes, they do sell Crazy Water). A once regal landmark of luxury, attracting stars and visitors from across the globe, now stands in decay. A grand token of days gone by, its majesty deflated. The massive ruins in such a small town sticks out even more in its gruesome state. A state that yearns for renewal.

It is this place I visited last year, during a cold snap and full moon. The post of my midnight ghost run got Freshly Pressed for creepiness – The Baker Hotel Ghost Walk – on Halloween.

After our ghost hunt, I kid you not, I slept with the lights on for a week. But I told myself…one day, I will return to face those ghosts in the day. Because surely, it would be so much better with all the lights on.

And isn’t that ironic? Because, the Ghost Adventure Guys got their best EVP of the episode – in the day.

And in the day I returned….

© Angelia's Photography 2013

And it is still as creepy as ever. And I still cringe to walk anywhere near the boarded up windows.

But I do.

I walked all around the building. Peaking through broken walls, taking photos, and not having any focus or camera malfunctions whatsoever.

I did not smell lavender. I did not capture a disembodied head. And I didn’t hear anyone telling me to drink the water.

In all honesty, I didn’t want to walk around taking photos of this monstrosity, but at the same time, I couldn’t NOT take photos of this monstrosity.

Image below – a window wasn’t quite boarded up on the mezzanine level. I peaked in and snapped a photo. It was pitch black inside. It was pitch black on my LCD screen. I had no idea what could be in the photo. I lightened it up later, and was grateful not to see anything in the image. I think?
© Angelia's Photography 2013

But I am not looking that hard either.

© Angelia's Photography 2013

The Baker Hotel did not disappoint. As eerie as it was in the dead of the night, it was just as eerie in the eve of the sun.

There is just something about it that makes you unable to look away.

We got out of there before night fell.

© Angelia's Photography 2013

That was another promise I made to myself.

Wordless(ful) Wednesday: Storm Chasing

First of all, I missed trick-or-treating with my five and seven-year old stepdaughters.

Believe me, I missed a LOT!

They have the greatest neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Lots, and lots of little kids (and parents), all dressed up – super cute. Everyone heads out at the same time, walking the four or five streets in big masses.

If you are my age, it’s just like the neighborhood in the movie, E.T. Phone home! Phone home! It’s really awesome and incredibly fun.

But, I had class. Yes, I could have missed it……however…….I entrusted my mega camera to my dear husband. I said, “Just put on AUTO mode, and you will be fine.”

As far as I can tell, he used SHUTTER mode. I don’t even use Shutter mode. I can’t for the life of me imagine how S is confused with AUTO on the dial, but I digress…..

Here are the photos from the night – taken by sweet husband – who is normally very good with my camera (in AUTO mode). VERY GOOD. Thank-you honey for taking the camera. Please pardon the blurry ones.

These are way too good to miss, heh!

Can you guess what step daughter number one is?

If you guessed, F3 tornado from Oklahoma? You would be correct!

Or maybe she is just a tornado, but let an Okie girl have her fun, mkay?

Step daughter number two is a bug weather fairy. I think….. I mean she has rain boots on (and lord knows we need lots of that!). I adore her pretty wings!

They traipsed around the neighborhood (or swirled, or flew, or blasted?).

I’m surprised no one was taking cover in the closet! She totally should have carried a siren with her.

This is my favorite part of the Halloween documentation photos and where I get to say….Jason is storm chasing! HA. I crack myself up!

Look out! A tornado is heading for a house and some kids! Take cover! Ahhhh!

Give me some candy or you’ll end up on the other side of town. WHOOSH!!!

Here we have, funnel cloud in motion, not to be confused with funnel cake. Totally different, but I’m hungry, so I could confuse?

Look out little fairy! You are going to blow away! WHOOOSH!!

I have to give props to their mom for a very UNIQUE costume this year. She makes them by hand (seriously…wow!) every year.

I don’t think I have ever seen a tornado costume before, especially one as cute as her. Where is a contest when you need one?

And for the best news of all, the weather fairy said we should have more rain and cooler temps soon. Yay!

This (I swear!) is my last Halloween post, but I saved the best for last, right?

The Nightmare after Halloween

I found this picture of my daughter on Facebook (I totally stole it!).


Sydney on the far left.

Here she is in her clown costume for the haunted house at Six Flags Frightfest. The 3D haunted house, called Cirkus Berzerkus.

Isn’t that great?!?

20111101-133359.jpgA fellow haunted house worker.

She goes from this…..

Ready for work

To this……


Sydney on the far left.

HA! Hilarious!

I know she will remember this for a loooong time.

Really glad someone posted a pic.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

I know I did……..because this cookie was involved. I think I’m still on a sugar high.


Must be why I decided to do this…….

I plan on participating in NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. I thought it would be a good way of completing my 2011 blogging year. And? It’s much better than writing a 50,000 word novel on NaNoWriMo (I will tackle that someday!).

NaBloPoMo 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011

Happy November 1st! Christmas will be here before you know it!!

It happened one Halloween

In 2005, my daughter age eleven turned into a zombie.

A freaky fracky relentlessly spooky zombie. Ahhh!

I think she was conjured up by the decorations of the house that year. Creepy fabric, spider webs, and a fog machine adorned the front porch. Or maybe it was her participation as a cheerleader for pee wee football. I mean she did come back in a cheer outfit.

Maybe, she just needed some brains.

Whatever the case, my little lamb on her first Halloween, to princesses and angels through the rest of the years was now DEAD.


*I must say a few kids lost their candy that year, but I still think she was a cute little zombie. Maybe she ate some of MY brains. Heh!*

Happy Halloween from the past and watch out for those adorable zombies. They are out there!

This post is part of the SITS girls Halloween party. Check it out, it’s a howling good time.